Program Review

Mission Statement

The mission of the chemistry department at Westmont College is to provide a nationally competitive chemistry program that helps our students become competent, thoughtful, and theologically reflective scientists, teachers, health care providers, and citizens of our world.

Program Learning Goals and Outcomes

1) Students will demonstrate a breadth and depth of knowledge in chemistry.

    • Outcome: Students will demonstrate their knowledge on the ACS National Standardized exams.
    • Benchmark: The average performance on ACS National Exams will be at least in the 60th percentile, with 30% of the students scoring above the 80th percentile, in each course that has an exam.

3) Students will be skilled in working in the laboratory and will be competent in experiment design and problem solving by the time of graduation.

    • Outcome: Our graduates will be involved in a summer research project; either at Westmont or another facility, and some of our students will complete a major honors project.  Students will demonstrate their understanding of basic experimental design in senior level physical chemistry laboratory essay.
    • Benchmark:  At least 50% of our graduates will participate in summer research; at least two graduates each year will complete a major honors project; our seniors will score 24 on the senior level physical chemistry laboratory essay.

3) Our students will be experienced at reconciling Christian and scientific world views. They will have a perspective that integrates their scientific and theological beliefs into a seamless whole.

    • Outcome: Our students will demonstrate their knowledge and perspective on an essay exam given as part of CHM 195.
    • Benchmark: Most of our students will attain at least a satisfactory score (according to our grading rubric) on their integration of faith and learning paper given in CHM 195 as graded by two department readers.  30% of our students will attain an excellent score or higher. 

Alignment Matrix

Mulit Year Assessment Plan