Student Learning Standards

Christian Orientation Standard

We want students to be informed about the Christian faith, and we desire that their lives be characterized by practices, affections, and virtues that grow out of a life of Christian faith. In keeping with that faith, we are committed to pursuing these goals in a spirit of hospitality and invitation, rather than in a spirit of coercion, manipulation, or intimidation.

Critical-Interdisciplinary Thinking Standard

Students are versatile thinkers, able to use appropriately the tools provided by different disciplinary methodologies and to understand that each discipline implies a particular epistemological orientation. Critical interdisciplinary thinking requires students to combine a variety of discipline-specific reasoning abilities in attempts to solve problems or answer questions. It also requires them to have the ability to frame appropriate questions; to think abstractly; to test definitions of key terms and categories of analysis, and to examine one’s own assumptions.

Diversity Standard

Students have the understanding and skills to engage people unlike themselves–both individuals and groups–in ways that affirm others as persons created in God’s image. Students are able to approach others respectfully–avoiding the natural tendency to deal with differences by vilifying, romanticizing, or victimizing.

Active Societal and Intellectual Engagement Standard

It is our hope that students are equipped to benefit from a Westmont education over a course of a lifetime. As a result of their educational program, they will have the skills, attitudes and commitments that enable them to be effective in both their personal and vocational lives throughout all the stages of their lives.

Written and Oral Communication Standard

Students will be effective communicators, both as speakers and writers, in a wide range of contexts. Their communication, both at the personal and professional level, will be characterized by clarity, accuracy, and graciousness.

Research and Technology Standard:

Students will have the skills and critical understanding necessary to make use of appropriate technologies in accessing, evaluating and communicating information. In addition, they will possess the critical capacities necessary to evaluate the impact of technology on their work and in the world—understanding both the possibilities and limitations of technology.