Transferring Classes

Can I take coursework away from Westmont?

How do I do this?

So you want to take classes during the summer, do ya? Well this is great, and with a little planning you can make sure that the work you do over the summer will transfer back to Westmont and meet the requirements (General Education, major or elective) that you want. Follow the steps below and you will be set!

Step 1: Decide what kind of credit you want

Students can take many kinds of courses during the summer months. These can include courses to meet General Education requirements, courses toward a major or a minor, or elective courses. All students will need 124 units to graduate with their degree, and some of these units can be taken away from Westmont.

The areas of the General Education that students typically target for their off campus program classes are in the Common Inquiries and Common Skills areas. The Common Context courses must be taken at Westmont or on a Westmont approved off campus program. You cannot take these courses during the summer months.

Step 2: Determine what classes we offer here to meet those areas

The easiest classes to transfer back to Westmont are courses similar to the ones that we teach on campus. So if you are looking to meet the Common Inquiry: Exploring the Physical Sciences requirement, you could look at the courses Westmont offers to meet that area using the GE by Area link on the Student Records website ( Seeing that Westmont offers CHM 005 – General Chemistry I to meet that requirement, you can look to see if your local college offers this class during the summer. You will need to get these courses pre-approved before you take them, but the easiest ones to get pre-approved are ones similar to the courses that are offered at Westmont.  

Step 3: Transfer agreement already, or pre-approval form?

You will also want to look at the Student Records office to see if we have a transfer agreement with the college you are considering attending. On the lower, left hand side there is a drop down window for “Transfer Agreements”. By clicking on one of the colleges name, a pdf document will appear letting you know all of the basic courses that have already been pre-approved to meet General Education requirements.  You can take the course without having it pre-approved. Skip to Step 6.

If we do not have a transfer agreement already established, you will need to request pre-approval for the specific courses you want to take. More about this later.

Step 4: Determine what classes your local college offers

Look at the summer schedule of the college that you would like to attend. If you need to fill out a pre-approval form for your classes because there is no transfer agreement, then you will also need to find the course descriptions for the classes. Remember that transfer courses for current Westmont students will only be accepted when taken during the summer. Concurrent enrollment (taking classes at Westmont and another college during the fall or spring) is rarely allowed and only by petition prior to enrolling in the course.

Step 5: Fill out preapproval form (if necessary)

On the Student Records website you will see a drop down box for “Forms”. Select the Pre-approval form for Majors, Minors or General Education credit depending on the type of credit you would like to have.

If you submit the completed form with the needed course descriptions prior to the end of the spring semester, you should receive notification about the approval or denial of the courses prior to the end of finals week. This can also be done via e-mail with the Student Records office staff if you decide mid summer to take classes. Remember that if you do not get the courses pre-approved before you take them, you are risking that they will not transfer back to Westmont and meet the requirements that you are looking for.

Step 6: Take the class

Once the course has been approved and you know what requirements it will meet, you attend class like you would here at Westmont. Pretty self explanatory, don’t you think?

Step 7: Request a copy of the transcript to be sent to Westmont College

Once you are finished with your class, be sure to request a transcript from the college you attended. Have them send the transcript back to our Student Records office. You should see the units appear on your transcript, and if the courses were taken for General Education credit you will also see those appear on your Academic Evaluation. Watch the units rack up!