Advertising in the DC

Updated 8/4/2016

We want to keep the DC looking nice.

Please do not put up posters, flyers, banners, hand-painted Egyptian papyrus (you get the idea) anywhere inside or outside the first floor of the Kerr Student Center, including at Founders Room and Alumni Gallery. This includes on walls, floors, ceilings, tile, and glass.

If you would like to decorate the DC for a special event/promotion (ex: Potter's Clay Kickoff Lunch), please contact to arrange a meeting to review the "8 Rules for Decorating 'My' DC."

Westmont departments and student groups may provide and place their own paper/carboard freestanding "table tents" on tables in the DC. Please return and remove them when they are no longer applicable.

The napkin dispensers in the DC are the property of Sodexo and used only for their own promotions.

Limited departments have obtained permission to put up freestanding signage in locations approved by the Fire Marshall at the DC. If you need something like that, please contact

Student organizations can also use the promotional table in the front lounge of the DC, and you may tape banners to the wood edges (not the top surface) of the table. Please use brightly colored painter's tape so that you remember to remove it, and it is easy to do so (painter's tape is designed to be wood-friendly).

The "recruiter" tables outside the DC entrance are scheduled by the Career Development & Calling Office.

You can advertise your event or post other information on the announcement screens in the Dining Commons by clicking here!

Thank you for your cooperation!!!