About the two lines at the DC entrance

Updated 10/6/2019

The entrance at the DC was designed to improve how quickly everyone can enter the DC during those pesky "rushes" when everyone seems to come on in at once.

All other patrons LEFT




The left side of the cashier kiosk contains a second location for faculty, staff, students without a meal plan, and visitors to conduct transactions with the cashier. The left "All Other Patrons" station takes cash, credit cards or prepaid Munch Money.

Students can also pay for their guests here with their meal plan Flex Dollars.




DC entrance exterior DC entrance kiosk

It's OKAY for ANYONE not on a student meal plan to bypass the right-hand line for meal plan students. Their line moves quickly anyway, with most everyone using the cool biometric scanner. If you wait in THAT line to do a retail transaction, you just slow that line down. They really, really, really, WANT you to use the left-hand door and kiosk station so they can get in quickly too!

(Going through the exit turnstile from the backback area is taking things a little too far, though. That's a $50 Improper Access Fee!)

Thank you, everyone, for helping to make the DC a pleasant and convenient place to grab lunch on a busy day!