Laundry System

Updated 4/20/2016

Laundry equipment in the Westmont residence halls is provided and maintained by WASH Laundry Systems Logo




Report Problems with a Washer or Dryer
to WASH Laundry

Call WASH Laundry 1-800-421-6897

On line Washer Dryer Problem Report to WASH Laundry

"Fix Laundry" app

Report Problems with an Add-Value-Station or your Laundry Card to Westmont Procurement
and Auxiliary Services (we'll help you navigate
the process with WASH Laundry):

On-line AVS or Card Problem Report

About the Smart Chip on the Card: The value is stored on the actual “Smart Chip” on your card, and it is important not to lose the chip if it comes off your card. Value still on your chip can only be retrieved and refunded if you have the actual chip! Please note there is nothing WASH Laundry Systems or Westmont College can do to restore value if you have lost the smart chip.


Washers and Dryers located
in all Residence Halls / Prices

2015-16 Academic Year Prices: Wash $1.50 and Dry $1.25 per load. When you use a washer or dryer in the residence halls, the required value is deducted from your chip to activate the machine (when available from your balance).


Purchase Card or Add Value at
"Add-Value-Stations" (AVS)

The Laundry Card costs $3, which is deducted one time only when you first purchase it.

AVS Locations:
* Kerr Student Center lounge entrance
* Campus Post Office lobby
* Van Kampen Hall laundry room
* Page Hall front stairwell on ground floor
(Campus Map).
The AVS accepts $5, $10, and $20 bills. It does not accept $1 bills, and they can jam the machine!

There is an additional AVS at the Ocean View Apartments. This AVS takes all credit cards and takes debit cards with a VISA or MasterCard logo. The Ocean View AVS does NOT accept cash.

Checking your balance: You can also check the balance on your card on any AVS, washer, or dryer, simply by inserting your card. The maximum value you can store on your card is $50. The machine will not add value if the bill you insert would take you above that maximum, and will return the bill instead.


Recommended Detergent

Washers are front-loading and require liquid detergent. High Efficiency detergents with the h-e logo are best. Whatever liquid detergent you use, you can use 1/4 to 1/2 of the amount the package says to and your laundry will come out great while you save money!

High Effeciency logo