Laundry System

Updated 8/22/2017

Laundry equipment in the Westmont residence halls is provided and maintained by WASH Laundry Systems Logo




PLEASE NOTE: We current expect that washers and dryers will be installed in the Global Leadership Center residence halls (north and south) on Friday August 25.

How/where to purchase a WASH Laundry card

About card care and the smart chip

How to purchase laundry value for your card on-line

How/where to redeem at a PinMate machine (incl locations)

Wash & Dry prices - Checking your card's balance

About detergents

How to do laundry. We're serious. :)

Report a problem with a Washer or Dryer to WASH Laundry

Report a problem with a Card or PinMate Machine to Westmont Auxiliary Services


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