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Student Accounts

Welcome to Student Accounts. Our office is responsible for processing all payments for tuition, room, board and miscellaneous fees.

For New Incoming Students, please see Managing Your Student Account

You may also want to read our FAQ's which answers  many questions parents and students may have. 

Important Message

Students are responsible for managing their online account to ensure that proper payment is paid by the due date. Account charges and required payment information will be updated frequently and can be viewed online at any time. Your student must grant you access as an authorized user to view their account online and manage access at this online address. http://webapps.westmont.edu/cgibin/WebObjects/offices.woa/wa/finstmts Students, and their authorized user, will receive a monthly email reminder to view their Student Account.

• Your Spring 2017 and Fall 2016 Student Account bill is available online, at:

• The first Spring ’17 semester payment must be received in the Business Office no later than December 15, 2016. If we receive the minimum payment after this date, you must pay a late fee of $150.

***Credit and debit cards are not accepted as payment.

• If you do not pay in full by December 15, you are automatically enrolled in the Payment Plan, with a $45 fee. Payment Plan payments are required on December 15, 2016, January 15, 2017 & February15, 2017.

• Until the first day of classes all financial aid will display as “Pending.” Loans & scholarship from certain outside sources will not show until it is received. If you have financial aid questions contact finaid@westmont.edu or call 888-963-4624.
Housing and Meal Plans questions contact (805) 565-6036 housing@westmontedu

Spring 2017 online registration begins November 14-18.
In order to register for the spring 2017 semester, a student must have their student account paid in full.

Last date to register for spring semester 2017 is December 9, 2016.

Monthly finance charges will be assessed at the end of each month on unpaid student account balances whether or not the account is on the Payment Plan.


Contact Information

Student Accounts Information:

Please contact Student Accounts office 1-877-537-7966 studacct@westmont.edu

Financial Aid information:

Please contact Financial Aid office 1-888-963-4624 finaid@westmont.edu

Housing Services:

Housing, Meal Plans and Parking Permits (805) 565-6036 housing@westmont.edu

Password problem:

Students: Change your password. If this does not work, please call 805-565-6150, 805-565-6177, or 805-565-7108.

Parents: Contact your student. Students can add, delete, view and change passwords for parents' account access. Use this password and the email address for your student above.