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The Westmont Activities Council (WAC) is dedicated to planning and implementing both social and thought-provoking campus activities intended to bring the Westmont community together.


2014-2015 Leadership:
WAC Team
WAC Director Shelby Decker sdecker@westmont.edu
Publicity Coordinator Briana Gaultiere bgaultiere@westmont.edu
Clubs Coordinator Celestine Jahren cjahren@westmont.edu
Program Coordinator Carey Osimo cosimo@westmont.edu
Program Coordinator Bailey Tripp bjaarsmatripp@westmont.edu
Program Coordinator Jassyn Verdult jverdult@westmont.edu
Program Coordinator Lauren Walters lwalters@westmont.edu
Assistant Director of Campus Life Daniel Clapp dclapp@westmont.edu
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Office Hours (Kerr Student Center)

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