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President: Lauren Baker,

Vice President: Rhianna Pierre,

Current Schedule:

Sunday required rehersals in the dance studio and optional Friday rehersals

Club Information:

Mission Statement: N'STEP stands for "In Showing the Expression of Praise." It is a student-run hip hop dance family from Westmont College, Santa Barbara, California. We use our gift of dance to bless others and use it as a form of praise to the Lord.

Vision Statement: N'STEP -INtegrity. Strength. Time. Encouragement. Prayer. These are our five pillars and our commitment to one another and to the community we serve. We strive to provide opportunities for the Westmont and greater community to experience dance as a more than a creative outlet, but an expression of praise to God. "Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep iN STEP with the Spirit." -Galatians 5:25

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