Rugby Football Club


President: Tyler Ogata,

Vice President: John Cha,

Current Schedule:

Fall Practice Schedule: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at 3:30PM on Deane Field

Club Information:

Mission Statement: Westmont Rugby is first and foremost a ministry opportunity; first to yourself and then to those around you. The philosophy and discipline of the sport shall be means by which you grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. We will train to win both the mental and physical battle of rugby. The true test, however, is to progress in our spiritual journey so that there too we may win the prize. It is through our deep commitment to each other as teammates and brothers in Christ that we find strength to prevail. *Quiet Confidence is our motto; quiet because we are confident and confident because of our higher calling. Win or lose, such is the game, it is how we win or lose which is most important. Actions speaking louder than words requires discipline; personal and communal; on and off the field. Our mission is bold and our message is clear: We play rugby as ambassadors of Christ and representatives of self.

Vision Statement: Westmont Rugby has a rich history of being a successful club at a competitive level. In prior years, the team would travel to countries such as New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, and others to play Rugby while serving as ambassadors of Christ. The team has struggled in more recent years, but has been on a turn-around starting the last season. The success can be attributed to a new attitude found in the players, one of a deep commitment to Christ and to the club. The club plans on continuing on this path in an attempt to reach this level of excellence or even surpass it, with hopes of traveling to New Zealand or Argentina in the spring of 2014. Recently, two Alumni, who were part of reestablishing the club in the 90’s, have shown interest in gaining alumni support to assist the program. The club’s response is that it intends to become better known to the student body and Santa Barbara at large by giving back to the community and the school. We hope to be able to play more matches on campus and give the campus something about which they can be excited. The club also hopes to host/participate in some community service projects.

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