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about potter's clay

Begun in 1977, Potter's Clay (PC) is one of Westmont's longest-running traditions, and certainly its oldest, continuously-running ministry and service program. Each year, the PC leadership team actively partners with the Mexican core team -- located in Ensenada, Mexico -- and professional volunteers to plan a year of mutually beneficial ministry and service.

The purpose of Potter's Clay is to establish and cultivate relationships between the Westmont community and residents of Ensenada through partnership and service - supporting local churches and ministries in building the kingdom of God in Mexico.

a rewarding partnership

Potter's Clay holds a special place in Westmont's history and culture and has a rich history of its own. In 2007, the student leaders of Potters' Clay were presented with a key to the city of Ensenada in recognition of 30 years of service and devotion to the people there. In 2012, the mayor of Ensenada - C.P. Enrique Pelayo Torres - presented Potter's Clay with a plaque in recognition of 35 years of service to the Ensenada community.

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Student Leadership Team:
Phone: 805-565-7090 (office)
Email: potters_clay@westmont.edu

JeremyStaff Director:
Jeremy Fletcher
Assistant Director of Campus Life
for Mission & Ministries (Global Outreach & Community Engagement)
Email: jfletcher@westmont.edu