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Westmont College Student Association (WCSA) is an elected body of student officials that exists to serve as the voice of the student body. WCSA represents the diverse views, beliefs, needs, and desires of our students. They seek to unify faculty, staff, administration, and students by promoting communication and initiating change in response to campus and student interests. For more information on WCSA's governing structure and purposes view the Constitution.

WCSA communicates regularly with the student body about important institutional decisions and they listen carefully to student ideas, perceptions and desires. WCSA accepts funding proposals for campus wide initiatives and endeavors.

The vision of WCSA is to cultivate an environment where students make connections and form convictions. We hope to promote fruitful re-entry from off-campus programs and provide greater access to the Westmont network*, preparing students for life after college. Additionally, we aim to encourage the development of informed opinions on domestic and global affairs. We will take ownership of our individual convictions while maintaining our unity in the Spirit and our identity in Christ.

*This network includes Westmont alumni, faculty, staff, and current students.

Executive Council:
Leandra Marshall President lmarshall@westmont.edu
Benjamin Peterson Vice President bpeterson@westmont.edu
Riley Shryoc Business Manager rshryoc@westmont.edu
Noah DeLaurie Communications Manager ndelaurie@westmont.edu
Caleb Wilson Academic Liasion cwilson@westmont.edu
Nolan Anderson Page Representative nolanderson@westmont.edu
Josh Bencker Clark Representative jbencker@westmont.edu
Bethany Ishii VK Representative bishii@westmont.edu
Mark Carlson Armington Representative marcarlson@westmont.edu
Savannah Husmann Emerson Representative shusmann@westmont.edu
Peter Zippi Ocean View/Off Campus Rep pzippi@westmont.edu


Funding Proposals

Take a Professor to Lunch Program

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WCSA Bylaws
Election Guidelines
Contact Info:

Office Hours:

  • Peter: Thursday 10:00 - Noon, Library
  • Noah, Benjamin, and Bethany: Monday 5:00 - 7:00PM, DC/KSC Office
  • Nolan and Josh: Tuesdays 5:00-7:00PM, DC/KSC Office
  • Rileyand Mark: Tuesday 3:30 - 5:30PM, DC
  • Savannah: Wednesday 4-6PM, DC
  • Caleb: Tuesday 9:45-11:45AM, KSC Office
  • Leandra: Wednesday 7:30-9:30PM, KSC Office


805-565-6794 - Main Office
805-565-6790 - President

Angela D'Amour
Director of Campus Life