Getting Started

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We are glad you are here and we hope this information helps you find out more about the Counseling Center and how to make your first appointment.

Hours and Location

The Counseling Center offers on-site short term counseling for enrolled Westmont College students, Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. There are five part-time licensed therapists, and one half time Doctoral Clincial Trainee. Together we make up the equivalent of two and one half full time staff.

The Counseling Center is closed for all student holidays and breaks.

The Counseling Center is located on the lower part of campus next to Armington Hall, in the same building as the Health Center.

How to Schedule an Appointment

(New for Fall 2014: All student counseling forms are electronic).

Step One: Go to the Counseling Center Forms link and complete the Request a Counseling Appointment forms.

Step Two: Go to the Counseling Center Forms link and complete the Client Intake Information forms.

Step Three: Once you complete all forms the information will automaticallybe sent to office manager Claire Cetti. Once Claire has received your Request and your Intake Information she will be in contact with you within 2 working days to schedule an appointment.

Forms may be filled out on your personal computer or on an ipad available in the Counseling Center. You will need your Student ID Number everytime you fill out a form. If you need assistance, come in, call, or email Claire @565-6003 or

If your need for counseling is urgent, please notify our office manager immediately. Arrangements for an appointment will be made as soon as possible.

How to Prepare for Your First Appointment

Fill out those forms! Your appointment will not be scheduled until the forms are in. Anticipate that this process may take approximately 30-40 minutes. Take your time, and please respond to all of the applicable questions, so that we may best serve you.

To learn more about the Counseling process we recommend the link Frequently Asked Questions.

PLEASE PROVIDE 24-HOUR NOTICE FOR CANCELLED APPOINTMENTS, so the office manager may reschedule the time for another student.

What does Short Term Counseling Mean?

Short term counseling means that sessions are limited to once a week for up to 8 sessions per semester, lasting 45 minutes per session. Sessions will be scheduled consecutively unless otherwise arranged with the therapist. A "no-show" or late cancellation will count as one of the eight sessions. Our goal will be to provide an appropriate, focused course of therapy within the given period of time. Referrals and resources will be provided for those students whose needs extend beyond that given time.

Detailed information is described in Counseling Center Policies and Consent for Counseling, which is the last form included in your Intake Information.


Except for outside referrals, Counseling Services are covered by Westmont Student Fees.

May Term

May Term: The Counseling Center is closed and counselors are not on campus. For enrolled May Term students, counseling appointments are possible but students must arrange them in advance. Contact the office manager by phone, email, or in person (during the May Term Health Center hours), to arrange an appointment.