Off-Campus Referrals

Iron Bridge

The Counseling Center provides off campus referrals to students for nutritional counseling and psychiatric evaluation. Students need to meet at least once with a counselor in order to make the referral. Westmont College student fees cover expenses for the initial visit to the dietician or psychiatrist, then fees for follow up visits become the responsibility of the student.

Off campus referrals are made to mental health professionals in the community for students with long term counseling needs, or if the Counseling Center is unable to meet the needs presented. The student then becomes responsible for payment. The office manager will walk the student through the insurance process, if help is needed. If the student would like help in selecting a therapist, the counselor or office manager will also help in sorting through this process.

Transportation Options for Off Campus Referrals:

*Borrow a car or have a friend drive.

*Ride the Westmont Shuttle. No cost to student.

*Contact the Westmont Dial a Ride. No cost to student. Must make a reservation. Offered 7 days a week. 15 passenger van. See transportation website for updated information.

*Rent a Westmont Vehicle. $10.00/day plus gas. Must be reserved through our office manager or another faculty or staff member, even when the vehicle is for student use. Form is available on transportation website.

*Public Transportation. Taxi and SBMTD (Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transportation Department).

Westmont Transportation Website: