Student Employment

Federal Work-Study, including community service, provides employment opportunities for needy students. Awards are based on the availability of funding and the student’s financial need established by the FAFSA. The amount of the Work-Study award is not considered in the college payment plan. Students may seek employment through our Web site or refer to the job board located on the third floor of our library. Contact LoriAnn Banez, Student And Alumni Employment Coordinator , if you have specific questions. Work contracts and timecards are submitted to our Payroll Office and wages are paid directly to the students every two weeks for the hours they have worked. Earnings are to be used for educational purposes. If a student is not awarded Federal Work-Study, he or she may still apply for a regular campus job paid by Westmont College. FWS students have priority in job placement, however.

Regular work:

There are regular campus jobs for students who do not qualify for Federal Work-Study. Earnings will be paid directly to the student and are to be used for educational expenses. Job information is available on the Westmont Web site and on campus. Information about jobs and payroll procedures are outlined at New-Student Orientation.

This information is subject to change.

Please contact the Financial Aid office at 805-565-6063 or 888-963-4624 (toll free) if you need assistance e-mail address: