Fall Housing for New Students

Residing on campus

New students are required to reside on-campus, and the meal plan is required for on-campus residents. For move-in information upon arrival, see Check-In.

  1. Students are required to live on-campus unless a request to reside off-campus has been approved in writing by the Housing Office. The number of students who are allowed to reside off-campus and commute is limited by Westmont's Conditional Use Permit with Santa Barbara County. For more information, see Requirements for Commuters. Incoming students with a particular concern about this residency requirement may contact the Housing Director.
  2. Living in residence offers many benefits and opportunities. It is a natural way for students to meet others and be actively involved in campus life. Moreover, the residential learning environment and living in community are pivotal experiences in a Westmont education. For more information, see Residence Life.

First-year students are assigned to Page Hall or Clark Hall. Page is a first-year only residence hall. Clark has about the same number of first-year students as Page, but some of its ten sections are set aside for upper class students. Transfers and consortium visitors are assigned to Armington, Clark, Emerson, Van Kampen, or the Ocean View Apartments.

If you are a new student with any special or confidential circumstances, or questions regarding your housing plans, contact David King, Housing Director (dking@westmont.edu)

Meal plans

On-campus residents are required to have a meal plan, and all first-year residents are required to have the Standard plan during the Fall semester. First-years may request a smaller plan for the Spring semester. Upper class students are assigned the Standard plan unless one of the smaller plans is requested in writing to the Housing Director. See Meal Plans for more information.

Housing Application

Housing applications for new students are required in the online process, provided by the Admissions Office, to applicants who have been accepted for enrollment. Newly-accepted students submit the online Acceptance of Offer of Admission and the Housing Application to Admissions, with the required enrollment deposit in order to confirm their intent to enroll.

The deposit to Admissions may seem affiliated with housing (since it can be made as part of the acceptance process with the housing application, but it is an enrollment deposit ~ not a housing deposit. The deposit is not a payment for room, board, tuition or fees. It is held by the Business Office until the student no longer has enrolled status, and it is subject to forfeiture. If you have any questions about the deposit, please contact Admissions or the Student Accounts Office.

Housing applications are used by residence life personnel to make roommate matches and room assignments. The personal preferences should be completed honestly and candidly for the best possible assignments.

View your housing and meal plan information

For new first-year students, our goal is to display Fall housing assignments online on each Student Profile by mid-June. For new transfers, re-applicants, and consortium visitors, we aim to display them by mid-June also, but some may be displayed later. All housing assignments are subject to change in order to meet housing needs and respond to changes (such as late cancels).

The college website displays room and roommate information at these locations:

  • Student Profile : includes name(s) of roommate(s) with home contact information, housing assignments for both current and upcoming semesters, meal plan, and Westmont mail box (MS# and combination).

Students need to use their Westmont user name and password to access their profile page. Those who have not set up their password for network access may do so by selecting "Change Your Password?" at the profile login. If you have questions or difficulties with password issues, please contact Information Technology at ithelp@westmont.edu.

  • Res Hall Layouts : displays names of current students in the residence halls, and upcoming semester assignments.
  • Student Directory : displays students' mail box numbers (MS #s), email addresses, and phone and home information.
  • Privacy Note: Students who do not want their information displayed on the Res Hall Layouts or Student Directory may ask the Records Office to block it.

Special Needs or Concerns

Students with special or confidential housing concerns or needs should contact David King, Housing Director (dking@westmont.edu) and/or Sheri Noble, Director of Disability Services.

Right to assign

The Housing Office reserves the sole right to make all room and roommate assignments, including the right to make changes after assignments have been confirmed and posted online. This includes the right to require students to reside on-campus or off-campus.

Here are examples of why changes may occur:

  1. In order to not exceed the off-campus limit, by assigning students on-campus even though they might prefer to reside off-campus and commute.
  2. In order to make housing space for students of the opposite sex.
  3. In order to temporarily re-locate residents in the event a building becomes uninhabitable.
  4. In order to assign with a different roommate. This can occur when a previously-assigned roommate cancels enrollment, or is re-assigned elsewhere by Housing. Note: we prefer that all on-campus residents have a roommate ~ especially new students and first-years.
Re-applying students

Former Westmont students who re-apply, or intend to re-apply for the Spring semester (aka re-applicants), may see Re-Applicants for Spring for more information.