Fall-To-Spring (Mid-Year Transition)

Most residents in Westmont housing stay in their same on-campus room or Ocean View apartment without any changes at the end of Fall semester. However, there are changes for residents who will be:

  • Graduating in December
  • Withdrawing at the end of Fall semester
  • Going away-abroad for the Spring semewster through the Off-Campus Programs Office
  • Seeking approval for a housing change

Many students who are away-abroad during the Fall semester will return to college housing, and the college welcomes dozens of new transfers and re-applicants in January. When Fall residents plan to vacate in December, Housing and Residence Life will fill the openings in response to housing needs and stated preferences by students.

Fall-To-Spring Housing Declaration

On-campus and Ocean View residents are required to submit their Fall-To-Spring housing declaration by November 1. Such declarations are essential for determining where openings can be confirmed to house other students. Residents declare one of the following:

  1. "Stay in same room"
  2. "Vacate my room"

IMPORTANT: When students plan to study away-abroad, or intend to submit a housing change request, they must select "STAY in same room" until their awa-abroad program has been confirmed by the Off-Campus Programs Office, or their housing change has been confirmed by the Housing Office. Therefore, these residents' Fall housing assignments will be retained until such confirmations.

NOTE: When Fall housing assignments are recorded and displayed on the Student Profile, Spring housing assignments usually duplicate the Fall assignments--subject to change, of course.

Students who are away-abroad during the Fall semester are notified when the online request forms have been activated for the Fall-To-Spring process. Information and request forms can be found as follows::