Housing Sign-Ups for Next Year


Housing sign-ups is a multi-week series of electronic processes and in-person events that occur in the Spring semester. These processes and events are for students to request housing for the subsequent Fall semester. The only way students may request housing for Spring semester (during Housing Sign-Ups) is for requesting approval to live off-campus in the Spring.

  1. Requests to live off-campus for the subsequent Fall and/or Spring semesters are accepted in the early part of the Spring semester (January-February).
  2. Requests to fill a room or apartment for the subsequent Fall semester occur in March (early online opportunities) and April (Housing Selection, a 4-day event).
No double-dipping is allowed during housing sign-ups
  • Students are only allowed to reserve one type of housing: either off-campus local/commuting OR college housing in a residence hall (i.e. on campus or at Ocean View).
  • One exception to the above rule is for students who are waiting for confirmation from the Off Campus Programs Office for study away-abroad during the Fall. In such situations, students may reserve housing on or off-campus while they are waiting for program confirmation. If they are unable to get approval to live off-campus, they may reserve college housing.
  • A second exception to the double-dipping prohibition is for students who are waitlisted for living off-campus. Such students may participate in any college housing request as their back-up plans, as the back-up plans may end up being their housing assignments for next year.
No room changes are allowed during housing sign-ups
  • Once housing has been reserved for the subsequent Fall semester, room changes are NOT allowed until the entire Housing Sign-Ups period has concluded. Housing sign-ups is a fast-paced event, and changes would be disruptive and unfair to others.
  • Change requests may be made later with the Housing Director, preferably during the summer.
Requests to live off-campus

Requests for approval to live off-campus locally (i.e. OCL) must be submitted by the March deadline with the online form entitled "Request for Off-Campus." This form is accessible from January to early March.

Students are required to attend an "Off-Campus Living Workshop" if they wish to get approval to live OCL. Students will be notified in mid-March if OCL has been granted, waitlisted, or denied.

Students are also required to submit the "Off-Campus Living Agreement." For the sake of simplicity, this form is included in the online "Request for Off-Campus." It is also found under Requirements for Commuters so that students can provide/update their off-campus address information to Housing, which is one of the purposes of the form.

Early opportunities to request college housing

Some students take advantage of early opportunities to request college housing:

  1. The first early opportunity is called Squatters Rights. This is requested by online form, and determinations for Squatters Rights are made in early April [after off-campus/OCL determinations].
  2. The second early opportunity is submitting an online application for a group to reserve an Ocean View Apartment. The group request "must fill an apartment," and determinations for OV Apts. are made in early April [after Squatters Rights determinations].
The 4-day housing selection event

Most students select housing during the 4-day Housing Selection event in mid-April. We urge students to become familiar with the different housing request procedures, deadlines, and timeline by reviewing the information below.

See Timeline and Deadlines

  • EARLIEST opportunities for online requesting (for off-campus)
  1. Off-Campus Local/commuting requests
  2. Students Away-Abroad during the Spring
  • EARLY opportunities for online requesting Fall housing (for college housing)
  1. Squatters Rights
  2. Ocean View Apartments
  3. Students Away-Abroad during the Spring
  • Housing Selection event for personally selecting Fall housing (for college housing)
  1. Proxy Authorizations
  2. Sign-Up Times and Dates
  3. Triple rooms and Open OV apartments
  4. Double rooms
  5. Meal Plan Assignments