Off-Campus Commuting

Westmont students may not reside off-campus locally and commute to campus without approval from the Housing Office. Approval is granted by the semester (not necessarily the entire academic year). Approval to reside off-campus will be limited to students who will be seniors by the Fall, 2016-Spring 2017 academic year. Beginning in the Fall, 2017, students will need to live in college housing unless they are in a category which necessitates off-campus local/commuting. Such categories include students in the 5th-year teaching credential program, the Westmont Downtown program, and married students.

Any returning student may request to reside off-campus, but not all requests are granted because off-campus [local] commuting is limited by Westmont. Therefore, Westmont cannot guarantee this housing preference. The limitation about off-campus commuting is communicated to incoming students upon entry (i.e. Housing Application), by email notification to current students during the season of housing sign-ups for next year January-April), and throughout this housing website.

Here are several important matters for those who wish to reside off-campus:

  1. Off-campus must be requested by the student with the online "Request for Off-Campus." form. See Requirements for Commuters for more information.
  2. The student must have attended an Off-Campus Living Workshop to be eligible. No proxy is allowed for attending a workshop.
  3. The student must provide their local residence and contact phone information. This information can be included in the "Off-Campus Living Agreement" form, and the "Request for Off-Campus" form.
  4. Approval to reside off-campus must be granted by Housing.

Westmont is committed to being a good neighbor in Montecito, and our neighbors have expressed concerns about the impacts of a college community in their midst. Santa Barbara County responded to these concerns by requiring Westmont to operate under a Conditional Use Permit. One of the many conditions is a limit on how many students may reside off-campus locally and commute to campus. Students should not assume they may live off-campus unless such a request has been approved in writing by Housing. We consider it a privilege to be located in this beautiful residential area, and accept the conditions to operate the college here. We limit our commuter population as part of our agreement with the county.

The Housing Office reserves the right to determine all housing assignments (i.e. approve or not approve requests to reside off-campus). Any student who is not allowed to live off-campus is thereby required to reside in college housing as a condition of enrollment. The housing code for off-campus [local] commuting is OCL, and the code for waitlisted requests to live off-campus is distinguished with the letter "W" (OCL-W#). These are the codes recorded on the student profile for confirmed housing assignments or pending requests, respectively.

Every student who wishes to reside off-campus should read Requirements for Commuters to understand the responsibilities involved in off-campus commuting.