Off-Campus Living

Approximately 140 students will be allowed to live off-campus each semester. About 70 will reside at the off-campus Ocean View apartments--a Westmont residential property. Up to 70 others will be allowed to live off-campus in a non-Westmont property. Approval to live off-campus must come from the Housing Office.

Approval is granted by the semester (not necessarily the entire academic year). Approval to live off-campus is limited to students who will be seniors by the end of the Spring 2017 semester, with some exceptions. Beginning in Fall 2017, students will need to live in college housing unless they are in a category which necessitates off-campus commuting. Such categories include students in the 5th-year teaching credential program, the Westmont Downtown program, married students, or single parents with a dependent child.

The Housing Office reserves the right to determine all housing assignments (i.e. approve or not approve requests to live off-campus). Any student who is not allowed to live off-campus in a non-Westmont property is thereby required to reside in college housing as a condition of enrollment.

The housing codes recorded for students are posted on the student profile. The housing code for off-campus living in a non-Westmont property will be LCSB (i.e. Local Commuter in Santa Barbara). The housing code for off-campus living at the Ocean View apartments is LCOV (i.e. Local Commuter at Ocean View).

Every student who wishes to reside off-campus should read Requirements for Commuters. The limitation about off-campus living is communicated to all students upon entry (i.e. Housing Application), and on this Housing website.