Requirements for Off-Campus Local/Commuting

The number of off-campus local/commuters is limited each semester by Westmont, so some students who wish to live off-campus locally (aka OCL) might not be allowed to do so. See Off-Campus Commuting for more information. Students must have achieved senior or junior standing by the end of the Spring 2016 semester in order to be considered for OCL in the 2016-2017 academic year.

The Ocean View Apartments (aka OV) offers a way to reside off-campus, but living at OV is not OCL and does have the same requirements.


1. Attend, in person, an Off-Campus Living WORKSHOP prior to the OCL request deadline.

  • Failure to attend a workshop will make you ineligible to live off-campus.
  • Students who already reside off-campus are not required to attend, unless they have been specifically asked to do so.

2. Read and sign the Off-Campus Living AGREEMENT, which is included in the OCL request.

  • Students must provide their off-campus residence (not a P.O. box) and phone contact information to Housing before they live off-campus.
  • Failure to provide this information may result in the forfeiture of the approval to reside off-campus, or other sanctions.
  • If you do not know what your local address and phone will be at the time of your OCL request, you may provide it later as the OCL request will not require it. However, you must provide your off-campus address and phone before you begin to live off-campus.
  • We have a standalone OCL Agreement form which is handy for providing your address at a later time, but BUT it does NOT serve as an OCL request. To update your off-campus location and phone contact information, see Off-Campus Living Agreement.

3. Complete and submit the OCL request form, "Request to Live Off-Campus Locally (see below).

  • After the March deadline for OCL requests, students must contact the Housing Office to inquire about living off-campus.
  • The online OCL request form is not monitored after the March deadline, even though it will be accessible.
To Submit your OCL Request:

Go to Request for Off-Campus

Important Dates & Info:

1. The OCL workshops are scheduled on MARCH 3 and MARCH 15, 2016. The Fall semester workshops were on December 7, 8 (in 2015).

2. The OCL request deadline is MARCH 16, 2016.

3. The workshops will be in Winter Hall 212, from 9-10pm.

4. The notification date is March 18, for requests submitted by the March 16 deadline.

5. Students should not make any rental commitments or obligations until Housing grants the request to live off-campus.

6. An OCL request is considered only as an individual request; it cannot be requested for a group.

7. Students are responsible for requesting housing for each semester of enrollment in which they wish to live off-campus:

  • The OCL request form allows you to request one OR both semesters of the following academic year.
  • Some OCL requests are only for a single semester, due to study-abroad or early graduation plans. Once the off-campus limit is reached for each semester, subsequent requests are waitlisted.

8. Waitlist information:

  • Waitlisted requests for OCL will be displayed on the Student Profile with this housing code: OCL-W# (the "W" stands for waitlisted, so it is not a confirmed assignment).
  • See Waitlists for more information on how we manage the waitlists.

9. OCL requests precede requests for college housing (in the residence halls & Ocean View Apts.) during the period of housing sign-ups in the Spring semester.

10. Approval to reside off-campus must be granted by Housing. If not granted, requests will be waitlisted or denied. The Housing Office reserves the right to approve or not approve a request to reside off-campus. Any student who is not allowed to reside off-campus must live on-campus as a condition of enrollment at Westmont.