Group Requests for an Ocean View Apartment

We make it possible to reserve one of our off-campus apartments in several ways:

  1. The earliest opportunity to request an OV apartment is only available for current OV residents who exercise Squatters Rights by the Squatters deadline.
  2. The next opportunity is by submitting a "Group Request for Ocean View" (see links below).
  3. If any apartments remain available after Squatters Rights and early group requests, students may request OV during the last week of the Housing Selection event (see Timeline and Deadlines, Triple Room Sign-Ups , Double Room Sign-Ups, Sign-Up Time)

Once an OV apartment is reserved, no change is allowed until after housing sign-ups have concluded in April.** The apartments are not available for married students or students with dependents.

Requirement for request: A group "must fill" an apartment in order to be considered.

Deadline: 9:00 PM (PST) on April 6 , 2015


  1. Group Request #1 for Ocean View is for the most preferred group request for each and every participant. It may, in fact, be each participant's only request. Note: Only the group members can interact with the form and view who is in the grouping. The originator has the most control.
  2. Group Request #2 for Ocean View
    While Group Request #1 has higher priority, a student may participate in a second request. Why? This could be a back-up request, in the event a #1 request does not succeed. A second request would likely be submitted for a group with different participants or for a different group size (3 or 4).

Qualifying basis: Early group requests for Ocean View must be ACCEPTED by all (to indicate mutuality) and will be considered on the basis of the total combined units among the group participants. Partcipants will be notified on April 8 whether their request succeeded or not. If successful, they need to go to OV Selection Night to select their specific apartment. An apartment will be assigned if OV Selection Night is not attended.

OV Apt. Selection Night will be on April 9, 2015. At least one member of each successful group should attend this brief event at Ocean View to select a specific apartment for their group. If a succeeding group does not select an apartment, one will be assigned by the RD at that time.

**IMPORTANT RESTRICTION: Students who reserve an apartment by the early group request will not be allowed to cancel their reservation (in order to request different college houisng) until after housing sign-ups have concluded. This prohibition is enforced to preserve the integrity of housing sign-ups for all involved, and to prevent confusion which could be caused by changing assignments.

FAQs about Ocean View

What is included? Each Ocean View apartment is a furnished, two-bedroom unit. Furnishings include: beds, desks, drawers, living room sofa, dinette, draperies, full-size refrigerator and gas stove/oven. Services include: utilities (gas, electricity, water, trash), high-speed internet through the campus network, campus telephone capability (residents must supply the phone instrument), and satellite television service. The apartments have laundry machines provided by the same company which serves the campus laundry rooms. Laundry cards may be purchased on site or at several campus locations.

Things not included: microwave oven, kitchen and dining utensils, telephone instrument, television or computer, custodial service, and cleaning and paper supplies.

Where is Ocean View, and what is the cost? The apartments are located three miles from campus, about one mile from the Vons grocery store on Hot Springs/Coast Village Road. The cost for being in a double room at Ocean View is the same as being in a double room on campus (see Student Accounts). Apartments #1-10 (750 sq.ft.) house up to four students. For directions with Google maps, enter 15 Ocean View Ave., Santa Barbara, CA. Note: there is no mail service available at Ocean View. Students use the Westmont Post Office for mail delivery.

The cost for being in a single room is $200 more per semester than a double room on-campus or at Ocean View. Apartments #13-24 (600 sq.ft.) house up to three students. Only the small bedrooms in apartments #13-24 are considered single rooms, and are guaranteed at that occupancy. For directions with Google maps, enter 11 Ocean View Ave., Santa Barbara, CA.

Is transportation available? Residents need to arrange for their own transportation to campus. Ride sharing is encouraged to reduce the number of vehicles brought to campus. Sophomores who choose to reside at Ocean View might have difficulty obtaining a semester parking permit, as these are limited for sophomores, but carpooling makes it possible for sophomores to reside there.

Ocean View has 22 residential apartments, and can accommodate up to 75 upper class residents. Ocean View is staffed by a full-time resident director and several resident assistants, but it is not served by campus security. It falls under the jurisdiction of the Santa Barbara Police Department.