Spring Change Requests

Types of changes

There are occasions when a student, after being assigned housing for the Spring semester, wants to request a different housing assignment for spring:

  1. Cancel an on-campus housing assignment and reside off-campus.
  2. Cancel an off-campus reservation and reside in college housing.
  3. Move from one campus room to a different campus room.
Off-campus commuting

Students must obtain written approval from Housing to reside off-campus, and the number of students who may reside off-campus and commute is limited by Westmont du to governmental regulation. When the limit is reached the Housing Director will start a waitlist. See Requirements for Commuters.

A student who wishes to move on-campus and cancel an off-campus (local commuter) reservation should contact David King, Housing Director (dking@westmont.edu, 805.565.6036) to inquire about openings.

Requests to move to a different room

Once the Spring semester has commenced, students in college housing should contact their Resident Director (RD) if they wish to inquire about a change to a different room. If the request is to move to a different residence hall, the other RD will be involved as well.

In November, in preparation for Spring semester housing, students in college housing are surveyed by their Resident Assistant (RA) regarding their Spring housing plans. Residents who wish to make a housing change or roommate request at the end of Fall semester (i.e. for their Spring housing) should see Fall-To-Spring for more information. However, if such requests do not fill openings by mutual request, they are much less likely to be granted. This is because the highest priority for Spring housing is for students returning from Away-Abroad programs during the Fall.