Summer at Ocean View for 2018

Eligibility & Minimum Rental Commitment

The 2018 summer season at Ocean View is from Sunday, May 6 to Saturday, August 11.

Any current Westmont student or student summer employee may request housing at the Ocean View Apartments for the 2018 summer season). Within this 14-week period, a 10-week minimum rental commitment (i.e. 10 consecutive weeks) is required for priority consideration. Housing is granted on a space-available basis. Students attending a Westmont summer travel course may count their travel weeks towards the required rental commitment.

Additional weeks beyond August 11 may be requested by students who will be transitioning to college housing for the Fall semester, but such students will be required to vacate their summer placement at Ocean View by August 11 and move to their Fall housing assignment. It is best to request additional weeks prior to the start of the summer period to prevent additional late charges. Special rules apply to those who arrange for "additional weeks" beyond August 11. See the application for details.

Contact the Housing Office ( to request additional weeks beyond August 11.

Student summer employees receive priority consideration until April 1. Any request submitted after April 1 will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Application & Costs

The calendars used in the application will allow for requests which do not meet the minimum rental commitment of 10 weeks. However, priority is given to applications which meet or exceed the minimum rental commitment.

Current Ocean View residents who will attend Mayterm may request to remain at OV for just the 5-week Mayterm period. The Ocean View Summer 2018 application should be used for this request, not the Mayterm on Campus application as the Mayterm on Campus application is for housing on-campus. Such 5-week requests by current OV residents will not be considered until late April (around the start of Spring finals week) in order to allow adequate time for other students to request longer-term housing at OV for the summer. If space is available, these shorter-term requests by OV residents may be granted.

To apply, go to Ocean View Summer 2018 application.

Cost is $23 per day, per person (not per apartment)

The total amount in each student's application is posted to that student's account near the beginning of the summer period. Rent charges do not need to be paid in advance, and we do not require a security deposit, or first, or last month's rent. The application calculates total cost for the number of days selected.

Change requests: Late fees will be imposed for any Start Date or End Date change submitted after the start of the summer period. No late requests will be accepted after July 31. So, students who have reserved summer housing into the month of August will NOT be eligible for any refund for those days if they check-out prior to the End Date on their rental agreement.

Check-in & Check-out

Those who request housing to commence on Sunday, May 6 may check-in at Ocean View from 2-3 PM or 7-9 PM on that Sunday. Anyone who does not check-in at one of these times, or who has a confirmed reservation for summer housing to commence at a later date, must arrange a check-in appointment with the Ocean View manager or summer assistant at Ocean View. The manager at Ocean View is Dan Taylor (

All check-outs must be arranged by appointment with residence staff. The last possible check-out date is Saturday, August 11.

FAQs about Ocean View

What is included? Each Ocean View apartment is a furnished, two-bedroom unit. Furnishings include: beds, desks, drawers, living room sofa, dinette, draperies, full-size refrigerator and gas stove/oven. Services include: utilities (gas, electricity, water, trash), high-speed internet through the campus network, and satellite television service. Things not included: microwave oven, kitchen and dining utensils, telephone service or instrument, television or computer, custodial service, or cleaning and paper supplies.

How do I get to Ocean View? The apartments are located three miles from campus, about one mile from the Vons grocery store on Hot Springs/Coast Village Road. Apartments #1-10 (750 sq.ft.) house up to four students. For directions with Google maps, enter 15 Ocean View Ave., Santa Barbara, CA.* Apartments #13-24 (600 sq.ft.) house up to three students because one of the bedrooms is smaller. For directions with Google maps, enter 11 Ocean View Ave., Santa Barbara, CA.*

Can postal mail be delivered to OV? No, there is no mail service available at Ocean View. Residents must use the Westmont Post Office for mail delivery.

What about transportation? Residents must provide for their own transportation. There is no shuttle service to Ocean View.

Ocean View has 22 residential apartments and can accommodate up to 75 residents, 10 units for 4 residents and 12 units for 3 residents. Ocean View is staffed by a full-time, live-in director,, but it is not served by campus security. It falls under the jurisdiction of the Santa Barbara Police Department. A supplemental parking lot adjacent to Ocean View (not owned by Westmont College) is available to residents during restricted hours. Westmont is required by contractual arrangement to monitor the use of this lot and enforce its parking rules. Rules for the use of this lot are provided by the Ocean View manager, who resides in apartment #12; the Ocean View office/lounge is in apartment #11.