Serving Society

Outside of a service-oriented internship, students have the option of fulfilling the Compassionate Action area of the GE requirement another way.
SErving imageBy enrolling in APP-191SS - Serving Society for zero credits in advance of or at the beginning of the term, a student elects to log a minimum of 12 hours of community service over the course of the semester. Options for service vary widely. Participating organizations (aka "Community Partners") may post opportunities on Job Spot. APP-191SS requires some reading and written reflection. The student's hours are documented and his or her work is evaluated by the site supervisor. Course requirements include but may not be limited to the following:
  1. Meet with the Service Coordinator for orientation during the first week of classes.
  2. Complete the Preliminary Response sheet.  
  3. Complete the online ILAF by the due date. (The ILAF is not considered complete unless it is approved by a worksite supervisor and Westmont's service coordinator.)
  4. Serve a minimum of twelve hours over the course of the semester at an approved site. Six hours of service must be completed by midterm.
  5. Complete the assigned reading.
  6. Write a Serving Society paper based on the reading assignment.
  7. Meet with the Service Coordinator at mid-to-late term to discuss the Serving Society paper.
  8. Supervisor submits evaluation and documents service hours.
  9. Supervisor Evaluation-plus-hourly-log is due no later than Tuesday of finals week.
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