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Fall Semester 2016

Are you hoping to earn credit for a fall 2016 internship? Depending upon the circumstances, this may be a great option for you!. Registration for fall internship courses happens through the first week of the semester, 2016. The first step is to enroll on WebAdvisor for a course with the -190 suffix.. The earlier the better. Once you secure an internship, you will need to launch the ILAF.* (Scroll down to see the simple instructions below.) Please address questions about your particular situation to Celia Howen chowen@westmont.edu).


Wondering about whether a particular company could become your internship site? Please contact Celia Howen (chowen@westmont.edu) for more information.

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General Information

Undergraduate years present an excellent opportunity to explore work options. By participating in an internship, a student may test classroom theories in a real work setting, assess personal strengths, hone personal skills, and begin a network of employer contacts. An additional benefit is that employers and graduate schools look for applicants with career-related work experiences.

Academic credit for an elective internship in 2016-2017
  • Do you have room in your schedule to gain some work-related experience?
  • Do you want to increase your chances of finding employment after graduating?
  • Does your resume need a professional boost?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you are encouraged to enroll in one of two elective internship seminars scheduled for spring semester 2016.

  1. APP-190-1 (Elective internship for 2, 3, or 4 units)
  2. APP-190SS-1 (Service Internship for 2, 3, or 4 units)* Fulfills Serving Society GE

To earn academic credit for an elective internship, you must be concurrently enrolled in one of the above courses. The classes will meet on Tuesday afternoons at 3:15 p.m. You do not yet need to know the specific work or service you will be doing. Registration for spring is open through the first week ofeach semester.

When enrolling on WebAdvisor, you will need to enter the number of intended units for your internship. To do so, estimate the number of hours you intend to give to your internship site. Scroll down to the chart below to help with planning.

Once you have enrolled, the next step will be to find a local (Santa Barbara) internship or service site.

Review of Westmont’s Internship Program for Fall & Spring Semesters

Students planning to earn credit for an internship are required to take a concurrent course. The seminar style courses offer practical application of academic theories and develop civic, social, and vocational skills. When a student earns major credit for an internship, the experience is called a practicum. When a student takes the elective internship course (APP-190 or APP-190SS) the experience is called an internship. The following departments schedule practicum courses on a regular or semi-regular basis:









Communication Studies


Political Science


Economics & Business




Elective Internships


Religious Studies






It should also be noted that some unrepresented departments have built practical components into their major programs. Art, education, music, and theater majors are examples of this. Natural science departments (biology, chemistry, physics, and computer science) offer some specific research opportunities.

The student should enter the number of units he/she intends to earn on WebAdvisor. Otherwise the default is “1 unit.” For planning purposes, please use this chart:

Note the adjusted minimum number of on-site hours required per unit earned:


Approx Hours/Week

Semester Total










(When holidays, breaks, and final exams are taken into account, approximately 12 weeks are left over for an internship or practicum.)

How should a student search for an internship?
Are you familiar with Job Spot? We are now using this search engine for both jobs and internships. Once you are registered, you may chose “internships” as your selected position type. The best way to find an internship, however, is through your personal connections. The internship department has records of last year's intern and volunteer service placements. These records are available to you at your request.

Please feel free to contact a current student or recent graduate for feedback if you want to explore the possibility of an internship at one of the listed sites. Keep in mind that not all of these sites will be available as some of them have specific restrictions or requirements. This is to give you an idea of the kinds of opportunities that exist in the Santa Barbara area.

To apply for internships, you should have an updated resume ready to go and some tips for successful interviewing. Career Development & Calling enthusiastically offers help for these career services. Contact Celia Howen or call 805-565-6031 to set up an appointment. Once you have secured your internship site, you may proceed to the final step.

*Instructions for Launching the ILAF

(An ILAF is required for an internship)
Note: You must wait 24 hours after enrolling in an internship/practicum course to complete the final step: submitting the ILAF. This only takes a minute. Make sure you have contact information for your internship site at close hand.
To secure approval from all relevant parties, follow these instructions to launch your ILAF:

  1. Click on On-line Internship Agreement (ILAF).
  2. Complete and submit the online ILAF. Be sure to enter your supervisor's email address correctly.
  3. Immediately let your site supervisor know to check his/her email inbox. The subject line will read: "(Student’s Name) Requires Internship Approval."

You will receive an email once the process has been completed.