How to Pick-Up Your Permit [decal]

You should have a permit on reserve and "ready for pcik-up" (according to your Student Profile) before coming to obtain the decal. You do not have a permit just by requesting one, or even having it on reserve. The decal must be obtained and affixed to your vehicle in order for it to be a valid permit.

Location for permit pick-up

Your permit must be "ready for pick-up" PRIOR to check-in weekend for the Fall semester in order for it to be at Kerrwood circle on the first day of Fall semester.

  • PICK-UP ON 1st DAY OF ACADEMIC YEAR: Go to the circle drive outside Kerrwood Hall on the first MONDAY of the academic year (from 8:30am-10:00am, and 11:30am-4:00pm).
    • If you did not request a permit BEFORE the weekend immmediately preceding the 1st day of the academic year, you won't be able to get your permit at Kerrwood circle and you will forfeit the Prompt Pick-Up discount.
    • Prompt Pick-Up discount only applies to those who get their decals on the 1st day of the academic year.
  • LATER PICK-UP: Go to the Housing & Parking Office in Clark-N. If you do not request early enough to pick-up your decal at Kerrwood circle on the 1st day of the academic year, you must go to the Housing Office to get your decal. The convenient decal pick-up at Kerrwood circle is only offered to those who request early enough for us to process the request.
Spring permits

We will issue BOTH semester permits at time of pick-up, IF both have been successfully requested online and are ready for pick-up on the first day of the year.. Otherwise, we will not issue Spring permits until the first week of the Spring semester.

There is no issuance of Spring ONLY permits at Kerrwood circle. They need to be obtained at the Housing Office.