Costs for parking permits

Some colleges and universities may charge little or nothing for parking privileges, so they must spread their costs for parking infrustructure and administration of permits to ALL students. At Westmont, we cannot offer permits to all students. Operating a vehicle on campus is a privilege which is not evenly shared by all students. Therefore, we charge a permit fee to those who reserve them.

We try to keep costs down through efficiency. In 2005, we charged $140 for a semester permit--so the base cost for a permit has risen little. Early requesting allows us to to process requests in advance, and prepare for their distribution, before students arrive for the start of school. Late requests, changes to vehicle information, and late pick-ups are more labor intensive. The final cost for a parking permit depends upon when the transaction has been fully completed and the permit has been obtained.

Cost Range for a semester parking permit: $200-$150

Base price is $200, but with discounts the semester cost can be reduced to as low as $150.

Discounts are applied for the following:

  1. $25 discount for Early Request, submitted from June 1-July 31. This discount will be forfeited for requests after July 31 for the academic year.
  2. $25 discount for Prompt Pick-Up of decal on the first day of the semester. This discount will be forfeited for decal pick-ups after the first day of the semester, or if the vehicle information is inaccurate.
Change/edit fee: $15

Vehicle information can be changed by students until the decal has been issued. After issuance, all changes/edits must be performed by the Housing Office. Each time a change is performed by Housing (e.g. license plate update, a different vehicle), a $15 edit/update fee will be charged to the student account.

Scooter and motorcycle permits

Motorcycle and scooter permits are 1/2 (one-half) the cost of a student's semester permit for a car or truck.


No payment is required at time of request, or at time of pick-up. The cost for a semester permit is posted to the student's account near the end of the month in which the request has been submitted.

Temporary permits

The charge for a temporary permit is $3/day, whether the permit is issued by the Housing & Parking Office, or the Campus Health Center. Students who bring a vehicle later in the semester may request a temporary permit in lieu of a full semester permit. This may result in a lower cost to the student. Charges will be added to the student account each month and/or near the end of the semester.

Cancellation policy

Refunds are given at the discretion of the Housing & Parking Office. There is no cancellation or refund for temporary permits.

A semester permit may only be cancelled by email request. Here is how the refund will be determined:

  • A FULL refund will ONLY be given for a cancellation PRIOR to the start of the semester
  • PARTIAL refund will be based upon the week in which the reserved or issued permit has been cancelled by the student.
  • PARTIAL refunds will be pro-rated for the first 10 weeks of gthe semester (i.e. 10% cost per week whether actually issued or held on reserve). No refunds after the tenth week of the semester.