Limitations for parking permits

Permit privileges are not transferable. Students may not obtain a permit for a vehicle belonging to another student or family member, or primarily operated by another student.

All permits have date limits; they become invalid after their expiration date. Any student serving a suspension for multiple traffic or permit violations is ineligible until the suspension is cleared.

Some parking areas are restricted and not available for students. In addition to campus signage, see the Parking Lot Map for an overview.

The DC parking lot
  • A vehicle with a Regular or Restrcted permit may not park in the KSC/Dining Commons lot during business days Monday-Friday from 7:30 AM-2:30 PM. This is the most common parking infraction, according to Public Safety. For other parking rules and restrictions, see Vehicle Regulations.
Regular and Restricted permits
  • The number of permits is limited so that we can comply with requirements in our Conditional Use Permit with Santa Barbara, and due to the number of available parking spaces on campus. Historically, we have been able to offer Regular parking permits to seniors and juniors who request them. However, we need to limit how many Restricted permits we can offer to sophomores.
  • Eligible seniors, juniors and sophomores may Request a Permit at this Student Parking site. However, sophomores' requests will automatically fail at first attempt. This is because we will make zero (0) permits available for sophomores until an allocation can be determined at a later date. We hope to grant a small number of permits (approx. 20) to sophomores. If the number of Regular permits for seniors and juniors is exhausted, we may eliminate or reduce the number available for sophomores.
  • For sophomores, the number of requests typically exceeds the number available. For this reason, we will have a two-step approach for requests by sophomores. The first will be a qualifiying step in which sophomores will submit an appeal during the online request process. After appeals are reviewed, we may use a random process for those who qualify by appeal.
  • If any additional permits can be granted later in the school year, we will notify by email.
  • Restricted permits for sophomores are restricted in three ways: In addition to being limited in number, we may require the vehicle to be parked in less-used parking lots on lower campus. Also,Restricted permits are only issued for a semester--not for the full year.
  • Students should not bring vehicles to the Santa Barbara or the campus unless their request for a permit has been "successfully" confirmed online. This is the word to look for in the "Request a Permit" part of this program. The word "successful" or "unsuccessful" is used in the screen summary at the end of the request process.