Event Services

Event Services Staff | Charge-back Policy and Pricing | Warehouse and Central Receiving Policy

Event Services provides services for Westmont events both on and off campus. In addition, Central Receiving and the Paper Warehouse fall under the covering of Event Services. Event Services can also assist with small moving and storage needs.

To request services for your event, please use the Campus Scheduling system EMS.
For all other requests, please submit a work order. Central Receiving appreciates advance notification of orders coming to campus. Please submit the order information on this form - Shipping Notificaion Form.

Event Services Staff

Jose Perez : Event Services Worker
805.565.7285 office

Charge-back Policy and Pricing

Standard Hours (8:00a-5:00p M-F): $17 hr
Non-Standard Hours (including weekends): $25 hr
Off-Campus Surcharge (delivery and/or setup): $15

Labor charge-backs will be assessed by Event Services when any of the following criteria are met:

Total Labor Time in Excess of 4 Hours
The total labor time is calculated by multiplying the total time needed for both set-up/delivery and breakdown/pick-up by the number of workers on the assignment. All times will be rounded to the nearest quarter hour with a 15 minute minimum for all requests.
Labor times for multiple requests that are part of the same event will be added together when calculating total labor time.

Off-Campus Location
With the exception of the Ocean View Apartments, all events requiring either delivery/pick-up or set-up/breakdown at an off-campus location will be charged for labor time as well as an off-campus surcharge. This includes off-campus events that require less than 4 hours of total labor time.

Weekend or Non-Standard Hours Event
Any event that requires Event Services personnel to work on either Saturday or Sunday will be charged for labor even if the total labor time is less than 4 hours. Weekend events that allow for a Friday set-up/delivery and a Monday breakdown/pick-up will be charged according to the regular weekday policy.

Events requiring a setup before 8:00a and/or after 5:00p will be charged even when the total event labor time is less than 4 hours.
All weekend and outside of hours events will be charged at the above specified rate for such events. Exceptions to this policy may be made for standard setups at regularly scheduled athletic events.

Non-Event Related Requests
Requests made of Event Services not related to events (moving furniture, boxes, etc.) will be subject to the above guidelines.

Warehouse and Central Receiving Policy

Central Receiving does not offer packing or shipping services.
All required shipping should be arranged with a carrier by the department shipping the items. Prep of items for shipping should be handled by that department as well. Central Receiving will bring items to be shipped to Central Receiving and interact with the carrier as needed upon arrival on campus.

Inventory of the warehouse is kept by Central Receiving.
An inventory list is available upon request. Each department is responsible for checking that their items are properly noted on the inventory list. Inventory updates are made on a weekly basis and individual inventory checks will only be made when deemed necessary by Central Receiving.

Advanced notice of orders coming to campus is recommended.
Twenty-four to 48 hour advance notice of deliveries to campus helps to assure adequate storage space for all new arrivals. Storage inside the warehouse is not guaranteed for new deliveries unless given in written form (email or fax) in advance of delivery. Due to limited storage capacity, deliveries may need to be stored outside of the warehouse for unspecified periods when advanced notice of delivery is not given or when delivered items are not received by the ordering department within 48 hours.

Pull requests should be made no less than 24 hour in advance of desired delivery time.
Every effort will be made to deliver pull requests as quickly as possible. However, a minimum of 48 hours notice is suggested for all requests. Requests made less than 24 hours in advance cannot be guaranteed by the desired delivery time.