Sending Mail to Conference Guests at Westmont College

Updated 8/15/2013

Please address mail to Conference guests as follows:

Westmont College
Conference Services
Guest's Name
955 La Paz Rd.
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

*Mail addressed only to “Westmont College” or to a conference guest's name without "Conference Services" may be delayed or returned.


Shipping Packages and/or Overnight to Westmont

All shipping services may be utilized however, we recommend you do not use USPS Express Mail for overnight services. The US Postal Service does not deliver to Westmont - we retrieve our own packages in the morning. For this reason, we typically receive Express Mail a day or even two after it has arrived at the local Post Office and processed by them. For overnight service, please utilize UPS or FedEx when shipping packages to Westmont College. However, do not pay for Saturday delivery when shipping on a Friday because we will not receive it until Monday anyway.