Mail for those not living on campus or away on a program

Posted 12/23/2013

Living off campus and attending class on campus (except Ocean View - see below)

  • Students living off campus in Santa Barbara (except Ocean View Apts) may of course have mail delivered there. However, you will still have an assigned mailbox on campus, which you may elect to use for all mail. Inside mail from the college WILL be delivered to your on campus MS#, so please be sure to check it.

Living at Ocean View Apts and attending class on campus

  • No mail is delivered to Ocean View Apts. You will still have an assigned mailbox on campus, so please be sure to check it.

Off Campus Programs - Westmont in San Francisco

  • Any mail you choose can remain addressed to your MS# in Santa Barbara and that mail is sent up to San Francisco weekly as a packet and delivered to you by the staff. This WILL include any inside mail from the college.
  • Any mail you wish to receive directly should be addressed to you as follows:
    Your name
    c/o Westmont in San Francisco
    301 Lyon Street
    San Francisco CA 94117
  • Remember to provide senders with your change of address when you leave (sans heart?) San Francisco.

All other Off Campus Programs (U.S. & International)

  • First class mail will be forwarded to your home address on file with the registrar (in the U.S. only). If you want you rmail forwarded to a different address than that, please notify us on-line.
  • All other mail and magazines will be held in your mailbox for your return.

Withdrawing from Westmont (whether or not you intend to return)

  • When you withdraw, your MS# is generally assigned to a new student.
  • Your mail will be forwarded for 90 days. Click here for details.


  • Give us a call (805) 565-6087
  • Come visit us between the hours of 10:00-4:00