Student Mailbox Information


How do I get my mailbox number?

  • Your MS (mail stop) # is located on your student profile
  • If you have only very recently enrolled or re-enrolled, your MS# may not yet be assigned. Until you can obtain it, add "NEW STUDENT" to your address (see below). This will ENSURE you get your mail, but may DELAY delivery, so be sure to get your MS # and start using it ASAP.
  • If you are returning after withdrawing* and being away for a semester or more, it is very unlikely you will have the same MS# you had before. (*This does not apply to off campus programs for a semester.)

How do I find the combination to my mailbox?

  • This is also found on your student profile. You will need to click "private" to access it.
  • Combinations cannot be looked up at the post office. Many students find it helpful to save the information and/or profile link on their cell phone.

How do I open my mailbox?

  • We have instructions posted above all of the mailboxes. Don't worry if you find it difficult, it takes some getting used to.  There will be students milling about that are happy to help...just ask! The Post Office staff will be available to help you as well.

What about my packages, how do I get those?

  • If a package has arrived for you, you will find a square, yellow package slip in your box. Please bring that slip to the back door of the Post Office (Campus Map) and we will retrieve your package for you. If you are certain your package has arrived but do not have a slip in your mailbox, please give us until 3:00 pm to process our mail.  This is generally the case for the first week or two of the year. After that, we typically have all mail sorted and processed by 1:00 pm.
  • At the beginning of the academic year, please do not ship large boxes to your student address until after August 15. We are unprepared to receive and store them before that date.

What are the Post Office hours ?

How should people address my mail?

  • Your Name
    MS # XXXX (your MS#) - or "NEW STUDENT" if MS# has not yet been assigned to you
    955  La Paz Rd
    Santa Barbara, CA 93108
  • Please DO NOT include "Westmont College" in your address.


  • Give us a call (805) 565-6087
  • Come visit us between the hours of 10:00-4:00