Addressing Mail & Packages to Westmont

Updated 1/11/2013

All correspondence and invoices mailed to Westmont College need to be addressed to the intended recipient department so our campus post office can route them. Individual departments are responsible to enter their own invoices into our payables system. Westmont has no central Accounts Payable function.

Mail must be addressed to the department with whom you are doing business as follows:

Attn: (Department)
955 La Paz Road
Santa Barbara CA 93108-1099

NOTE: If you know the department is in Kerrwood Hall, please use zip code 93108-1089. This is helpful for some presorting the USPS local annex can do for us in advance.

If you are unsure of the department to address to, please call the person with whom you are doing business to get this information. Westmont staff should have communicated this addressing information to you when first beginning a business relationship.

Please make sure all of the required information (per above) is VISIBLE on envelopes, packing slips, AND shipping labels without requiring the envelope or package to be opened. Non-compliant mail is researched and routed if possible, but this is an uneccessary use of the College's resources and is factored into future vendor decisions. Mail that still cannot be routed is held in a dead file. Non-compliant packages that cannot be determined without opening the package are RETURNED TO SENDER.

Note that you may be doing business with multiple departments. You MUST address separately to each of those departments UNLESS you have discussed and set up central billing with the Office of Procurement.This is generally only possible when you have the potential to do business with nearly every department.

Please direct any invoice specific questions or concerns to the department(s) with whom you are working. For general questions, contact the Office of Procurement.

About addressing to Westmont students (in case you are not a supplier and searched to the wrong page)