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Preparing to Register for Your First Semester at Westmont

Now that you’re familiar with Westmont College’s general education (GE) requirements, you can prepare to select your first semester classes.  Be sure to select back-up courses in case your first selection courses have already closed. You should have 8-10 potential courses chosen prior to your registration time so that you have plenty of back up options.

First year students will not be able to register for more than 18 units in their first semester or upper division courses (courses numbered -100 or above). Transfer students start with a fresh GPA (transfer work does not factor into your Westmont GPA).  Do not overwhelm yourself in your first semester; start out slow, find your pace and build from there in future semesters.

It is easier to maintain a high GPA than it is to raise a low GPA, so do everything you can to start out strong!


How Will My AP/IB Scores Be Applied at Westmont? 
  • Click here to review how accepted AP test scores will benefit you at Westmont College. *Please note that only scores of 4 or 5 will be accepted for credit.
  • Click here to review how accepted IB test scores will benefit you at Westmont College. *Please note that only scores of 5, 6 or 7 will be accepted for credit.
  • Check your Westmont unofficial transcript and program evaluation to view your accepted scores in WebAdvisor (Review Getting Started for a tutorial on viewing your accepted work).
 What Classes Should I Take?

In this tutorial, you will learn to view the class schedule to prepare for registration.  Spend time viewing offered courses so that you know what to register for.

After you review the class schedule, you can begin planning your course schedule for your first semester. Use this Schedule Planner to help you create a preferred schedule that has no time conflicts. Plan alternate courses in the event that your preferred courses are already closed.

Click here for more information on Westmont College's First Year Seminars


When Can I Register for Classes?

Every semester, when registration time approaches, you will receive an email notice from the Registrar’s office.  One of the first things you should do when you get this notice is to check your registration time.  You can do this by:

  • Logging in to WebAdvisor
  • Navigate to the Student Menu
  • Select My Registration Time and Advisor Clearance under the Registration menu
  • Make a note on your personal calendar when your registration day and time is
  • Contact your academic advisor to review your plans for the next term and get cleared to register.

For your first semester at Westmont College, you will not need advisor clearance. You will review your completed schedule with your advisor during Orientation. You will be able to make changes to your fall schedule during the first week of class if you and your advisor feel it is necessary. Please note, registration times are all in Pacific Daylight Time. Please plan accordingly.

Using WebAdvisor to Select and Register for Classes

Now that you’ve become familiar with WebAdvisor, decided which courses you want to take, and know when to register, you are ready to register for classes!

 This registration tutorial will help you create your preferred sections list and register at your appointed time.

Some notes on registration:

  • If the course title includes "w/Lab" (with Lab) you must also register for the Lab section associated with the course. For example, the lecture section of the course is CHM-005-1 General Chemistry I w/Lab and the lab section of the course is CHM-005L-1 General Chemistry Lab.

  • Be flexible and prepared by selecting back-up courses in case your first choices have closed by the time you register.

  • To ensure that you will not be barred from registering for specific courses due to prerequisite requirements, you may attempt to register for courses in your preferred sections list before your appointed time. You will not be allowed to register before your appointed time, but any issues that might prohibit you from registering will appear as a warning. Be sure to clear up these issues prior to your registration time.

  • Double check My Class Schedule once you’ve registered.  Changes made after the Add/Drop deadline will result in a $40 late add fee or a permanent “Withdraw” on your transcript.
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