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Successful Scholar's Seminar Infomation Page


The Successful Scholar's Seminar is a program designed to help students manage the more logistical side of academia. The college environment requires students to be responsible and prioritize in a way that students may not have previously experienced or are not yet accustomed to.

In the first 6 weeks of the semester, students will be introduced to tips & techniques to improve:

Students Studying


Time management skills

Note-taking (in-class and during study) skills

Test preparation

Essay preparation



Students will get to hear short presentations from on-campus resource representatives such as:

  • The Health/Counseling Center to help students manage their personal health while away from home.
  • The Writer's Corner, a student-based peer-editing service open to all students.
  • Office of Life Planning to discuss networking, internships and potential career/life interests.
  • Student Life Office to highlight on-campus events outside of academics, clubs, organizations, etc.
  • Westmont College Library to describe how to navigate our large research database, introduce the Library Research staff and the benefits of utilizing this valuable resource.

After the six scheduled classes have concluded, students will receive the benefit of semester long instructor progress reports which will be confidentially shared with each individual student. This valuable feedback will give students a better understanding of their instructors' expectations and student standing in class.


In the college catalog the Successful Scholar's Seminar is listed as APP-002 and any student is eligible to register for it. This class is for 0 units and is for Pass/No Credit only.