Majors and Minors


A student may remain unclassified or undecided until registration for the junior year (59 or more units completed) at which point he or she must make a major declaration. Registration will be blocked until a major has been declared.
A student must complete at least 50% of the upper division units required for a major or a minor at Westmont.


A student who wishes to complete two majors must file two major declarations and secure an advisor in each of the two departments. Units accumulated in one of the two majors may be counted toward the “outside the major” requirement.


Minor programs will consist of no fewer than 20 semester units and no more than 25 semester units of specified courses, including prerequisites. Although Westmont does not require a minor for the B.A., some of the academic departments at Westmont list official minors. Official minors will be listed on transcripts providing the student has completed an application for degree for each minor.

Note: Four units of upper-division credit earned in a major may be applied to meeting the requirements of a minor. No upper-division credits may be shared by two minors. (There is no limitation on the overlap of units between two majors.)