Leif Nunneley: Clark Halls Resident Director

Leif Nunneley

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Getting to Know Leif

Education: B.A. in Biblical Studies, Anderson University; M.S. in College Student Counseling and Student Development, Azusa Pacific University

Hometown: Bakersfield, CA

How did you end up at Westmont? As I was finishing up my master's degree I began the search for Residence Director positions in California. The journey toward Westmont was unexpected each step of the way, and when I came to campus I couldn't imagine being anywhere else! It seems clear that this is what God had planned for me from the start!

Favorite thing about Westmont? The beauty of the campus; the commitment of faculty and staff to develop students intellectually and spiritually; the camaraderie between faculty and staff.

What makes you cry? I've never been one to cry that much, but I'm growing soft as I get older. I'm a sucker for cheesy, feel good, stories, or movies (when I watch them alone). It was a humbling moment when Facing the Giants became the first movie to break me down. Now Seabiscuit gets me every time. I guess I love a good underdog story, especially when it's true!

Favorite college memory? The Fall of my Junior year I was studying in Israel for the semester. One of my classes took us on field trips around the country, allowing us to read stories from Scripture at the places the events took place. Of the many amazing moments in Israel, my favorite moment was reading the story of Jesus and Peter walking on the water as were sailing across the Sea of Galilee. It was an experience I'll never forget, whose impact on me I have yet to be able to adequately express in words.

What is a place that you like to vacation? Anywhere my friends and family happen to be. Currently Tampa, FL; Houston, TX; and my hometown of Bakersfield are topping my list.

What hidden skill or talent do you have that most people wouldn't guess? I love to play the sport of squash. Also, I'm pretty handy with a table tennis paddle.