Desired Character Qualities of an RA

The role of the Resident Assistant is a diverse and important one. As you consider taking on this challenge, take time to think seriously about the personal qualities listed below. We each bring different strengths to our work with others. In light of these we ask that you examine yourself in the area of these personal qualities. Most important however, is not an achieved level of “perfection” in any area, but your willingness to grow and be committed to the RA experience throughout the year.

A. Commitment to Personal Growth

Enthusiastic progress towards a deepening commitment to seek growth personally and especially in the area of one’s relationship to the Lord.

B. Integrity

A capacity to be trusted, to be consistent and honest with feelings and relationships.

C. Communication

An ability to accurately communicate feelings and ideas to others, and to listen effectively.

D. Investment

A demonstrated willingness to make an investment not merely of one’s time, but of oneself, one’s skills,
attitudes, feelings, and concern for others.

E. Sensitivity

An awareness of and respect for the feelings and ideas of others.


Specific Responsibilities Defined

The Resident Assistant is responsible for working toward the development of a community where residents can grow in all aspects of their lives. Specific responsibilities of the Resident Assistants include the following:
A. Facilitate interaction between residents.

  1. Develop and maintain an ongoing relationship with your residents and respect their honor by maintaining confidentiality.
  2. Initiate contacts, make introductions, stimulate conversation and activities among residents of the section and the hall.
  3. Be aware of the special needs of residents. Report any extended (more than 24 hours) illness not requiring immediate medical attention or absences from the section to your RD.
  4. Be responsible for maintaining staff coverage of the hall as scheduled.
  5. Plan and lead section meetings.

B. Assist the students in spiritual and personal growth.

  1. Facilitate intentional activities that promote spiritual formation and Christian discipleship in the residence hall.
  2. Encourage attendance at chapel and church services.
  3. Resident Assistant should attend these services on a regular basis and invite residents of the section to attend with him/her.
  4. Be open about daily relationship with God.
  5. Be especially alert to the needs of residents (i.e. loneliness, depression, homesickness, substance abuse, eating disorders, etc.) and communicate these needs to your RD.
  6. Get to know students on a personal level looking for opportunities to challenge them in their worldview and value system.

C. Assist the residents in integrating academic and extracurricular interest.

  1. Stress the student’s responsibilities in being part of the academic community (i.e. class attendance, keeping up with assignments).
  2. Keep residents informed of extra curricular activities in which they can participate.
  3. Encourage attendance at campus events such as plays, concerts, lectures, and sporting events.
  4. Be familiar with the college catalog, academic policies, and be a resource person for information regarding the various academic related procedures (i.e. registration, add/drop process, etc.).
  5. Keep section bulletin board current and attractive.
  6. Post signs sent from various departments or offices in a prominent place in the section.
  7. Keep signs current by discarding old ones.

D. In consultation with the Resident Director, work on the developmental programming which addresses the needs of college students (see “Programming” section of notebook).

E. Be a knowledgeable consultant, resource person, and referral agent for college services such as the Counseling and Health Centers, Student Housing Office, Food Service, etc.

F. Interpret and ensure compliance with college policies and regulations.

  1. Enforce fairly and consistently residence hall regulations and behavioral expectations as contained in the Student Handbook (See “Policies” section of notebook.)
  2. Be familiar with the college student conduct process.

G. Assume responsibility for proper use and physical condition of facilities.

  1. Report maintenance and cleaning needs of individual sections and public areas and support maintenance personnel.
  2. Support enforcement of college and residence hall policies related to behavior in the dining commons.
  3. Confront non students who make unauthorized use of hall facilities.
  4. Confront students who are abusing or defacing college property.

H. Develop and maintain working relationships with other residence hall staff and be responsible for continual professional and personal growth.

  1. Attend and participate in August Training, RA Class, Spring Gatherings, weekly staff meetings and regular all Residence Life staff meetings.
  2. Be supportive of other staff members and campus regulations within your hall and throughout campus.


Weekly Breakdown of Hours (17-22 Hours)
Job Component

Estimated Hours Per Week

Individual Meeting with RD


RA Staff Meeting 2
RA Duty/Office Time 4-8
Initiating Contacts 5-6
Programming 3-4
RA Class/Spring Gatherings 2