Community Living at its Best

As a residential college, Westmont seeks to create an atmosphere that helps you develop as a whole person. The residence halls provide many opportunities for social, intellectual, and spiritual growth. You can share life histories, test ideas, and explore the significance of your spiritual commitments with other students in your hall. In this learning community, maturity results from listening with humility, inviting one another to share points of view on various issues, understanding our core convictions, and appreciating the range of expressions among God’s people.

Residence living contributes to our learning community. Casual conversation about a lecture or chapel topic, a late-night study group, a thematic film series followed by a guided discussion, or a reading group just for fun–all these and more make the residence halls a learning enterprise.

At Westmont, we want you to embrace learning in all its forms. Whether you are grappling with a new concept in the classroom, a service project that awakens your compassion for others, or a required, reflective paper in the context of our disciplinary process, we hope you make connections between the college curriculum and your life experiences. Living in such close proximity to one another, coupled with activities and educational programs provided by the staff, make the residence halls an ideal place for these associations to occur.

Residence living also fosters a reflective community. Learning about yourself, your life in Christ, and your relationship with others is a significant part of your Westmont experience.

Living in community allows you to enjoy common activities, form relationships with others, and develop the ability to work through difficult times. You will learn the benefits of suspending judgments in order to gain insight into perspectives that differ from your own. You will be challenged to learn more about yourself: who you are, who you want to be, and how you might contribute to our community.

This process involves taking risks to become your own person, resisting the pressure to conform to others’ expectations, and finding the peace that comes when your actions and beliefs agree with the person God created you to be.

In addition, campus living creates a responsive community. A culture of involvement at Westmont sets the stage for you to become an active participant in our community.

Through formal programs or individual relationships, we encourage you to respond to various needs. There are many ways you can get involved: writing for the school newspaper, helping with the campus debate tournament, serving in the energetic Westmont College Student Association, or joining one of nearly 40 student-run ministries. We invite you to come to Westmont ready to offer your gifts and abilities.

We also believe that the residential setting facilitates an appreciative community. During your college years, you will encounter a variety of thoughts and outlooks. The residential experience provides opportunities to learn from people of various economic, racial, denominational, political, and regional backgrounds. We invite you to be open to these differences and to clarify your own personal commitments.

Our community seeks to honor Christ in all that we say and do. In the end, we hope to attain a deep respect and appreciation for our breadth of experiences and convictions in the unity of God’s Spirit. Many visionaries and benefactors have come before us, and we are thankful for their legacy.