Residence Hall FAQ

What should I bring and what should I leave at home?

How do I check into my residence hall?

Most new students are notified of their room and roommate assignments via mail during the summer. An Orientation packet issued upon your arrival will contain your housing confirmation sheet. In order to protect you from unwarranted damage charges, you must complete the room condition inventory (RCI) form and sign the check-in agreement prior to moving into your room. Be sure to observe the proper check-in procedure with your resident director in order to avoid a possible $50 fine.

May I arrive on campus early?

Westmont invites some students to arrive early in order to participate in special programs (e.g., Inoculum, Orientation, resident assistant training, men’s and women’s soccer, and women’s volleyball). Early arrivals for the fall semester are authorized by the Housing Office and arranged prior to summer vacation. Unless you are involved in one of the above activities or programs, you may arrive no earlier than Saturday at noon two days before the first day of classes.

How are room assignments made?

The Housing Office seeks to accommodate requests for housing but reserves the right to determine and change room and roommate assignments. Returning students select rooms and roommates for the following fall in the annual spring housing lottery. It is the sole right of the Housing Office to assign occupants to specific rooms and apartments.

The Housing Office makes assignments through the mail for students returning from all national off-campus programs, Europe Semester, England Semester, and Jerusalem University College.

If you are involved in one of these programs, you will receive all the necessary information at your program site and are responsible to return request forms by the designated deadlines.

If you are involved in any other international program, you must make arrangements for your future housing before leaving for your off-campus program. Contact the Housing Office and fill out the appropriate paperwork to list your housing preference for when you return to campus.

How do I switch rooms?

You should address requests for room changes to your resident director. Changes may be made beginning the third week of each semester after you have secured final approval by the Housing Office. To change rooms between the fall and spring semester, you must check with the resident director and fill out the proper paperwork (available in the Housing Office) during the month of November. Approvals will be announced in early December. Official check-out and check-in procedures, as well as corresponding fines and moving and cleaning fees, apply to old fall room assignments and new spring assignments. Note that a room change may eliminate a triple room refund.

How do I change roommates?

If you wish to change your roommate, begin by discussing your request with your resident assistant or resident director, who will then direct you through the proper procedures with the Housing Office.

Where do fifth-year education students live?

Fifth-year education students (i.e., graduates participating in the teacher preparation program) may reserve housing off campus or at the Ocean View Apartments (on the basis of available space). If you graduate and enter the teaching preparation program at the end of fall semester, you must move off campus or to the Ocean View Apartments for the spring semester. The Ocean View Apartments are available only until the end of Westmont’s spring semester.

How do I check out of my room?

In order to ensure that your room is left in proper condition and is vacated on time, you must make an appointment and check out in person with your resident director before leaving. There are no exceptions to this policy.

You should leave your room in the same condition as you found it. Westmont will assess charges for all damage, odd furniture arrangements, and excess mess not recorded on your Room Condition Inventory (RCI) Form. In order to avoid a possible $50 fine and/or $200 moving and cleaning fee, be sure to follow the proper check-out procedures.

The spring deadline applies to all students not officially involved in graduation ceremonies or authorized to stay by the Housing Office (e.g., for reasons such as Mayterm, athletics, summer residency at Ocean View, or Westmont summer employment).