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Student Life Mission Statement

The Student Life division exists as a partner with faculty to accomplish the educational mission
of Westmont College. To this end, we are committed to:

  • Be actively aware of students’ college experiences, and to seize every opportunity to
    assist students as they process and reflect upon those experiences.
  • Design, facilitate, and inspire beyond-the-class learning experiences and
  • Provide excellent services that enrich and support students’ academic, social,
    spiritual, physical, and emotional needs and development in the context of God’s
    calling for their lives.

In fulfilling this commitment and as we model our faith in Christ, we dedicate ourselves to:
practicing dialogue and interactions infused with humility, intelligence, goodwill, candor,
respect, patience and justice; contributing to a campus ethos where both individuality and
community are valued; revering creativity and possibility; and affirming the sacredness of each
God-given moment and person.

The mission is amplified by Westmont College's Community Life Statement.

For more information, please see the Student Handbook .

Meet the Staff

Edee Schulze, Ph.D.















Edee Schulze, Ph.D.

Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students

(805) 565-6028



Student Life Newsletter

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April 2015

Fall 2015

Late Fall 2015 with Chickering Information Handout

February 2016 with Responding to Students in Distress Handout














Tiffany Lobner














Tiffany Lobner

Assistant to the Vice President for Student Life and International Student Services Liaison

(805) 565-6028















Angela Lowe

Student Life Assistant

(805) 565-6242


Dean's Council

Paul Bradford




Paul Bradford

Director of the

Career Development and Calling & Internships

Jason Cha












Jason Cha

Director of

Intercultural Programs


Stu Cleek

Stu Cleek

Associate Dean for

Residence Life

Angela DAmour












Angela D'Amour

Director of Campus Life


Ben Patterson

Ben Patterson

Campus Pastor

Tim Wilson

Tim Wilson

Associate Dean of Students