Transportation and Parking Regulations

Any student who operates a vehicle on campus is responsible to know and follow the vehicle regulations available from Physical Plant Office and at

Speed Limit Enforced on Cold Spring Road to Insure Safety of Children, Pedestrians, and Motorists
The speed limit on Cold Spring Road is 35 miles per hour (and 25 mph when children are present). Westmont expects students to make sure that whoever drives their vehicle observes this speed limit. Radar is used to determine speed. If your vehicle is identified as one that has exceeded this limit, you will receive a $50 fine. A second excessive speed citation will result in the suspension of parking permit privileges in addition to another $50 fine.

Parking Permits are Limited to Reduce Traffic on Area Roads
To limit traffic on Montecito roads, Santa Barbara County restricts the number of student and employee vehicles traveling on Cold Spring Road. Juniors and seniors may purchase full-time parking privileges. Sophomores will only be allowed to obtain full-time parking privileges on a space-available basis. It is a violation of college policy to bring non-permitted vehicles to campus or park on a neighboring street. This will result in a $50 fine per incident and may jeopardize future permit privelegs. First-year students are not eligible to apply for a permit and should not bring a car to the college.

Permit Enforcement
The college identifies vehicles and applies sanctions to students’ non-permitted vehicles parked on campus, in the vicinity of the college and in the larger Montecito area. The Conditional Use Permit (CUP) that governs our use of this prime Montecito property specifically prohibits student parking on neighboring streets or in other public areas which are not at their off-campus residence. Residents and merchants in the area are understandably frustrated when students use residential streets or business parking spaces for a vehicle not permitted to be on campus.

In addition to following regular Public Safety enforcement procedures, Westmont identifies non-permitted vehicles in several ways: through a data base; through observations by faculty/staff members; and, if necessary, with a boot that immobilizes vehicles. Sanctions for permit violations are as follows:

  • 1st notification: $50/citation;
  • 2nd notification: $50/citation, minimum one-month suspension of parking privileges, conference with student life staff member;
  • 3rd notification: $50/citation, minimum one-semester suspension of parking privileges, conference with dean of students (or designee).

Appeals of Parking Citations
The parking appeals committee is the investigative body that determines if a student receives a citation error. Submit such appeals to Tom Bauer, director of public safety ( within 12 days for consideration. It is not acceptable to appeal a citation by saying, “I had a good reason” to bring a vehicle to campus. The committee acknowledges that many circumstances exist when a vehicle seems critical to accommodate a tight schedule, return to campus late at night, assist an academic department or student activity, etc. In these situations, it is likely less expensive to rent a taxi than pay a $50 fine and jeopardize future permit privileges. Please note that citations at Ocean View are not appealable.

Students Who Own Vehicles Must Have California License Plates
The California Vehicle Code requires most vehicles used by students in California to be registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles and to display California license plates. The only exceptions are: 1) if the vehicle is not registered to the student AND it is operated in California less than it is operated in any other state AND the student is not registered to vote in California; OR 2) if the vehicle is not registered to the student AND it is used by a student under 23 years of age who is a dependent of a non-California resident AND the student is not employed in California in any capacity, whether full time or part time AND the student is not registered to vote in California.

College Reserves the Right to Tow and Immobilize Vehicles
In order to comply with the Santa Barbara County Conditional Use Permit, to maintain orderly parking and to ensure ready access for emergency and refuse vehicles, Westmont has the right to fine, tow (at the expense of the owner/operator), revoke parking privileges, immobilize (using a boot) and/or issue other disciplinary sanctions.

Motor Homes
Visitors traveling in motor homes may park at the local RV campgrounds. The closest one to campus is the Carpinteria State Beach Park, located 12 miles south, just off Highway 101. There are no locations or facilities on campus to accommodate motor homes or campers.

Transportation for Westmont-sponsored special R.O.T.C. programs
Since the R.O.T.C. Army program through UCSB and R.O.T.C. Air Force program through USC, UCLA, and Loyola Marymount University are Westmont-sponsored special programs, the college will ensure that first-year and sophomore students have transportation to their respective program locations. This provision is made because of restrictions in the issuance of parking permits to first-year and sophomore students. Westmont accomplishes this by the following means:

  1. If a junior/senior is attending the program at the same time and has a vehicle, the college will connect the first-year and sophomore students with those with transportation.
  2. If no juniors or seniors in the R.O.T.C. programs have their own transportation, Westmont will loan a college vehicle for the student to drive to the program site. The student will pay for the gas used, but vehicle rental charges will be covered by the college.

Please contact the Housing Office for more information.

Westmont College Vehicle Regulations are available from Public Safety.

Shuttle Schedule

Westmont operates a shuttle between campus and a number of predetermined locations around Santa Barbara every day of the week. Buses for 22 and 18 passengers and 15-passenger vans provide this transportation. Pocket-sized shuttle schedules are available from the post office, switchboard, physical plant and your resident director. For a current schedule, please click here.

Student/School Holidays: No Transportation

  • November 27-December 1 Thanksgiving
  • December 15-January 4, 2014 Winter Break
  • March 10-14 Spring Break
  • April 18-21 Easter Recess


Dial-a-Ride is a transportation service provided for Westmont students to use in addition to our regular shuttle. We can accommodate a wide range of needs from planned transportation to last-minute trips. Dial-a-Ride will provide transportation needs between Carpinteria and UCSB. The service will run Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., Saturday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and Sunday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Calling in Your Reservation (Please Speak Clearly)

1. Give your name, phone number, and address of your destination.

2. Give the date and time you wish to be picked up on campus.

3. Give the time of the pick up for returning to campus.

4. Give the number of passengers. There is a maximum of 14 Monday-Friday, and a maximum of eight Saturday and Sunday.


For reservations requested in advance, calls can be made to 565-7000. The driver will periodically check his/her voice mail to receive requests even into their shift. The requests are taken in the order they are received, so the further in advance the request is made the better your chances are of getting the time and location you would like. Dial-a-Ride is flexible and will try to accommodate as many needs as possible, including immediate requests if we are available.

The driver will also carry a cell phone, (805) 455-6630, which can be used to arrange any last-minute transportation needs. The night and weekend cell number is (805) 453- 6341. The cell phone numbers are also listed on the back of the shuttle schedule.

Passenger Guidelines

Please be ready to leave five minutes before your scheduled pick-up time at the predetermined location. The drivers have been instructed to consider the reservation cancelled at five minutes after the pick-up time. If you need to cancel a reservation, please call as soon as possible to make room for others who may need to use the service. The Dial-a-Ride service has the right to refuse service to those who are repeatedly late or who have excessive no-shows or late cancellations. If you have any comments or suggestions, please call x6096 or x6015.