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W a r r i o r s

Ellie with her admissions counselor Karl Fredrickson

Meet Ellie Ford. Ellie joins the new incoming class as an Augustinian Scholar from Camarillo, California. She describes her visits as being pivotal in choosing Westmont, “Westmont may be located in the foothills, but spiritually it is a “city on a hill” that cannot be hidden. (Matthew 5:14) I’m excited to be a part of that. Each time I’ve visited campus, it’s become more and more clear that Westmont is the college for me. I’m passionate about liberal arts education and undergraduate research, two things Westmont highly values.” She was also drawn to Westmont for the opportunity to explore ALL of her passions, “I am incredibly passionate about biology and theatre arts. At Westmont, my interests were met with excitement and encouragement rather than confusion, even though my areas of focus would not normally be associated.”

We come to Westmont from every walk of life. Each of us unique. All of us eager to learn from others. And even though we’re a diverse community of artists, activists, athletes, musicians, scholars, gamers, and dreamers, we’re connected by a common thread: a deep love for Jesus Christ. Ellie agrees, “You can’t beat the community at Westmont. That was clear to me from my first time on campus. This Christian community is incredible because of the outreach that takes place on and off campus.”

Still deciding what college is right for you? Ellie has some advice, “Pray, pray, PRAY! I feel called to Westmont. God made it clear that Westmont is where He wants me to be, and—insider tip—He is always right.” Confirm today and join Ellie with the incoming warrior class this fall!

Get to know your new classmates

Riley Johnson Riley Johnson

Ellie Ford Ellie Ford

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We are high performing, but don’t chase perfection.
We behave with integrity and an open mind.
We enjoy the rewards that come from taking on challenges.
We value unique perspectives, backgrounds, talent, and knowledge.
We believe in a well-informed and well-tested Christian faith.
We feel unafraid to ask and answer questions that are difficult or uncomfortable.
We seek vocation, significance, community, and justice.
We strive to model a life of service, leadership, and impact.

W  E    A  R  E

W a r r i o r s

Morgan Vigil Bethany Le '19
Music speaks to her soul

Ana Bulger Ana Bulger '19
Chemistry is cool

Zach Walker Zach Walker '19
Surfing, education and passion collide

Andy Hernandez Andy Hernandez '20
Pursuing her passion

Leandra Marshall Leandra Marshall '17
Finding her place

Josh Edmonson Josh Edmonson '17
Seeing God in research

Rebekah Wong
Rebekah Wong '18
Inspired by community

Abby Gritter Abby Gritter '17
Pursuing social entrepreneurship

Lalia Mangione Lalia Mangione '17
Prepared to serve in many different spheres

Matt Matlock
Matt Matlock '17
The team is like a family

Becky Collier Becky Collier '17
NAIA champion heptathlete

John Wong John Wong '18
Making people feel welcome