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Alumni Spotlight

You never know where you might meet a Westmont graduate—they work in a wide variety of professions, businesses and organizations throughout the world. This growing network of men and women can provide support and assistance once you embark on your career and life. You’ll find that many of them seek to serve others through their jobs, their volunteer work or their churches. Westmont alumni are making an impact wherever they live as thoughtful scholars, grateful servants and faithful leaders.

Alec Avedissian Alec Avedissian '08
Eco-friendly entrepreneur

Morgan Vigil Morgan Vigil '11
Innovative computer scientist

Justin Zoradi Justin Zoradi '04
Educating students in Africa

Megan Alexander Megan Shrader Alexander ’02
Television correspondent for Inside Edition

Christina Mei Hicks Christina Mei Hicks '07
Graphic designer in the Czech Republic

Andrea Owen Andrea Owen '10
Medical student at UT Southwestern in Dallas

Ryan Zoradi Ryan Zoradi '08
Venture capitalist with a global perspective

Gloria Armieda Gloria Armieda '09
Senior designer at Reader’s Digest in New York City

Garrett Fujiwara Garrett Fujiwara '08
Program manager for HOPE International in Rwanda

Diana Small Diana Small '09
MFA Candidate in Playwriting and Poetry

Nate Williams Nate Williams ’10
Frontier market investing from Beijing

Andrea Owen Elisabeth Morrison Meikle '07
Occupational therapist for children with developmental disabilities