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Expand Your Horizons with Global Education

Westmont’s global program prepares students to live in a diverse, complex and quickly changing society so they can take their place as citizens of the world. The breadth of the liberal arts, the opportunity to study or serve overseas and an emphasis on developing an international perspective help graduates make a seamless transition to a global marketplace.

Westmont limits the number of students enrolled in programs operated by affiliated providers, known as third-party programs. If you wish to participate in one of these programs in fall 2017, you must first receive approval from Westmont before applying directly to any third-party program. Please contact the Off-Campus Programs Office at ocp@westmont.edu no later than January 15, 2017, to request approval. You may also obtain more inofrmation or schedule an appointment by contacting the office.

global learning cycleAn innovative approach guides Westmont’s semesters abroad: the cycle of global learning. Students spend a semester learning about the social, cultural, political, economic and religious situations in the areas they plan to visit. Once they arrive, Westmont professors guide them through immersion in a different culture, helping them understand their studies and encounters in a foreign country. Learning continues in a re-entry seminar after they return to campus, so they can fully embrace and apply their experiences and share insights with fellow students.

England semester

England Semester

During England Semester, Westmont students passionate about language and literature broaden their cultural horizons through enlivening new experiences. Students journey to sites of literary and historical significance that shaped some of the greatest writers of English poetry, prose and drama. The extraordinary works of literary art you study, as well as the places that inspired them, shape your understanding of the role that literature plays in constructing national and cultural identities. Expect transformation in your relationships, with the written word, and with the Word made flesh.

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Europe semester

The Global Health program

The Global Health program allows undergraduate students in medical and public health-related majors to study in Uganda. You’ll conduct an internship at an organization, learning from and observing Ugandan professionals working in various health-related fields. You’ll engage broader issues of international aid, development and public health, gaining valuable insight into the growing field of global health and developing cross-cultural awareness and skills so you can work effectively with diverse populations.

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Westmont Downtown

At Westmont Downtown, explore your passions and interests and develop creative confidence as you equip yourself to flourish after graduation. Disrupt your comfort zone and learn to faithfully love your neighbors in Santa Barbara. Experience mentoring and empathetic connection as you engage in a project-based internship with a local business or organization and a core seminar in social change and action with a strong focus on faith through Bible study and prayer.

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East Asia

Westmont in East Asia

Participate in a unique opportunity to experience holistic learning, living and loving in an integrated community during Westmont in East Asia. Understand economic, social, and political processes throughout the region, develop cross-cultural skills, participate in service learning, and become better equipped as a global citizen to serve your community. Study globalization and the increasing interconnectedness of different markets, peoples, religions, and cultures that moves beyond national boundaries.

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Westmont in Europe

Westmont in Europe has served more than 1,600 students in its 45-year history. The program effectively blends intensive study with first-hand experience of the places and people that have shaped European history and cultures. You’ll travel widely, read, research and write extensively, learning from experts and everyday people across Europe. You’ll discover new perspectives, wrestle with challenging questions, and see abstract ideas embodied in real people’s lives as you live with a small, Christian learning community.

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Westmont in Cairo

During Westmont in Cairoyou'll live in a developing world megalopolis, pulsating with energy, people and life. Heart of the Arab world, Cairo is, in the words of the medieval traveler Ibn Battuta, um al dunya, mother of the world. You will be encouraged to experience another culture from the inside by studying Arabic, navigating your way around the city, and interacting with Egyptians on a daily basis. You will develop relationships with your neighbors and Egyptian university students. You will, for a season, become an urban person and learn to be comfortable negotiating a foreign metropolitan landscape.

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Westmont in Jerusalem

Westmont in Jerusalem offers the opportunity to make the Holy City your home for a semester. Discover your own hangouts and favorite foods, know shopkeepers by name, and anticipate the city’s rhythms. You’ll experience the city’s many cultures, study its tangled history and marvel at its rich traditions. You’ll learn from local guides and official briefings, dive into small-group discussions, conduct fieldwork and pour over books. Come and delight in rich conversation with host families, professors and locals in the street, the café and the marketplace.

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Westmont in Mexico

Study with Westmont professors in the beautiful, colonial city of Querétaro during Westmont in Mexico. You’ll gain skills for effective cross-cultural living, experience incarnational ministry, and improve your Spanish. The program offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Mexican culture through home stays, coursework and field trips within the context of a supportive Christian community. If you seek adventure, get excited about becoming fluent in another language, want to build relationships with people of other cultures, and desire to explore Christianity in various contexts, you’ll find Westmont in Mexico a great fit.

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Northern Europe

Westmont in Northern Europe

Aimed at sophomores, Westmont in Northern Europe offers a great opportunity to engage in active, integrated and experiential learning. Your classroom extends into European streets, churches, museums, cafes and beyond. You’ll experience living in London, Berlin and Northern Ireland with the chance of independent travel. You’ll stretch your faith as you encounter Christians from other cultures and people of other faiths. Explore conflict and peacemaking as you push your limits, learning to challenge yourself and experience a truly unique semester led by Westmont faculty.

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San Francisco

Westmont in San Francisco

Westmont in San Francisco is a living-learning community where you explore professional development and vocational discernment. You’ll explore Christian vocation and service, urban realities, and competencies needed to thrive in a complex, globalized world. With internships, guest speakers and service projects you’ll take an experiential approach to learning. Spend a semester living in the Clunie House, a Westmont- owned Victorian mansion located near Golden Gate Park and the famous Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. Its unique setting offers you the chance to become fully immersed in city life and culture.

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Westmont Mayterm and Summer Programs

Westmont Mayterm and Summer Programs, short-term study programs that often blend on-campus study with overseas travel, offer general education courses as well as major-specific curricula. The options vary each year. In the past, such programs have included trips to Europe, England, Egypt, Israel, Sri Lanka, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Japan, Sri Lanka, Oregon, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and Honduras. Various summer programs are also available through members of the Christian College Consortium and other institutions affiliated with Westmont.

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More than 7 out of 10 Westmont students spend a semester or Mayterm off campus, choosing from more than 40 programs in the United States and throughout the world. Learn More