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Expand Your Horizons with Global Education

Westmont’s global program prepares students to live in a diverse, complex and quickly changing society so they can take their place as citizens of the world. The breadth of the liberal arts, the opportunity to study or serve overseas and an emphasis on developing an international perspective help graduates make a seamless transition to a global marketplace.

global learning cycleAn innovative approach guides Westmont’s semesters abroad: the cycle of global learning. Students spend a semester learning about the social, cultural, political, economic and religious situations in the areas they plan to visit. Once they arrive, Westmont professors guide them through immersion in a different culture, helping them understand their studies and encounters in a foreign country. Learning continues in a re-entry seminar after they return to campus, so they can fully embrace and apply their experiences and share insights with fellow students.

Westmont in Haiti:

Business as a Tool to Empower People to Escape Poverty


More than 7 out of 10 Westmont students spend a semester off campus or overseas, choosing from more than 65 programs throughout the world. Learn More

England semester

England Semester

Are you the sort of person who enjoys traveling, reading literature and seeing plays for a semester? English department faculty direct England Semester, which combines travel to literary and cultural centers with residential study in the British Isles.

Europe semester

Europe Semester

Westmont’s Europe Semester began more than 40 years ago and remains popular with students. It couples intensive study with first-hand experience of places and people that have shaped European history and cultures. You’ll travel widely, read, research and write extensively, learning from experts and everyday people throughout Europe. Visit the website for more information



This 12-day backpack trip to the northeastern wilderness area of Yosemite National Park extends Orientation. Open to first-year and transfer students, it takes place before Orientation and includes reading, discussions, and papers that focus on the uniqueness of a Westmont liberal arts education.



Westmont Mayterm and summer programs feature short-term study excursions that often include both on-campus study and travel. Students may also take general education courses as well as some major-specific classes. In the past, such programs have included trips to Europe, England, Egypt, Israel, Sri Lanka, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Oregon, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and Honduras. Visit the website for more information


Westmont in Istanbul

Study in the heart of the Islamic world and learn more about its people, culture and religion. Istanbul is Eastern and Western, a modern megalopolis of 15 million people and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You’ll study Turkish, navigate your way around the city and interact with Turks on a daily basis. Visit the website for more information


Westmont in Jerusalem

Students study and explore the culture, traditions and history of the Middle East, based in the ancient and conflicted city of Jerusalem. Through field trips, you will explore Israel, Palestine and neighboring countries. Visit the website for more information.


Westmont in Mexico

Do you love a challenge and an adventure? Does it excite you to become more fluent in another language and build relationships with people from other cultures? Would you like to explore Christianity in a new context and grow in ways you never thought possible? Then join Westmont faculty as they lead Westmont in Mexico during the fall semester in the beautiful, colonial city of Querétaro. Visit the website for more information

San Francisco

Westmont in San Francisco

Experience life and learning in the world-class city of San Francisco. Discover your vocational calling through challenging courses and a professional internship. Engage in experiential learning with the integration of faith in our diverse world. Make connections within a community of students as you live in a beautiful Victorian house in the heart of San Francisco.Visit the website for more information