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General Education Overview

GE Tree 2015

GE Components are at the root of your Westmont Education. These include:

Common Contexts

These courses will GIVE you an understanding of the context of Christianity and the Liberal Arts.

  • Offer Biblical understanding and Christian faith literacy
  • Provide an understanding of the Liberal Arts in global context

Common Inquiries

These courses will GIVE you knowledge and tools for different methods of seeking the truth.

  • Develop breadth of knowledge on key subjects
  • Expand your ways of knowing, learning and asking questions

Common Skills

These courses will GIVE you a broad base of skills, including writing, reasoning, foreign language, and physical education skills

  • Hone writing and speaking skills
  • Develop quantitative skills
  • Establish healthy ways of being

Compassionate Action

These courses will GIVE you the tools to effectively live out what you have learned.

  • Help students to serve & lead in a diverse world
  • Articulate the Scriptural call to enacting justice

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Your Westmont Experience is intended to grow you to become thoughtful scholars, grateful servants and faithful leaders. Let the journey begin!