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First-Year Learning Community Experience


Among the hallmarks of a Westmont education are a broad general education, discovering connections between different areas of learning and sharing discoveries with a community of learners. You can experience all of these in your first semester this fall by joining a first-year learning community experience.

Chandra Mallapalli


History professor Chandra Mallapalli (pictured above) and philosophy professor Chris Hoeckley (pictured below) are linking their sections of the required General Education courses Perspectives on World History and Philosophical Perspectives on Truth and Value. What linking means is simply that everyone enrolled in one class is also enrolled in the other. These two classes have many themes that overlap, and we're trying to make those connections more evident while creating a community of students that share the same discoveries.

Chris Hoeckley


This learning community experience is open only to first-year students. To join simply enroll in both HIS 010, section 2 and PHI 006, section 3. (Note, in order to enroll in either, you must enroll in the other.)