President’s Disaster Recovery Fund

Responding to evolving needs in extraordinary circumstances

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At Westmont, students come first. We take their safety and security seriously. In times of adversity, such as the Thomas Fire and subsequent mudslides, we’re committed to providing rapid response, ample resources, and timely restoration.

At this moment, Westmont faces uninsured expenses of more than $400K related to the fire and mudslide. Because of disruptions to many local services such as gas, water, sanitation and transportation, we have incurred significant costs to ensure students can return safely to campus and classes can resume as quickly as possible.

Some of the extraordinary measures we've taken to meet student needs and address the issues of gas, water, sanitation and transportation due to the closure of Highway 101 include:

  • Tanker trucks delivering potable water for immediate use
  • 17 trailers transporting 48 temporary portable showers and restrooms
  • A portable, industrial kitchen arriving from the East Coast to ensure safe food preparation
  • Engineers installing a filtration system on Westmont’s water supply
  • A bus picking up students from Southern California locations and bypassing road closures
  • Shuttle services from the harbor, airport and train station ferrying students, faculty, and staff to campus

We secured all these resources rapidly and from points across the country at great expense. Critical personnel logged significant overtime to restore campus services. Additionally, a network of people stands ready to provide comfort, counseling services, and other accommodations for our returning students, faculty and staff.

Many of you have contacted us about how you can help. A timely gift today can assist us in our recovery efforts. This dynamic situation requires flexibility and perseverance, and with your support we can look to the future with hope and confidence.

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