Your Orientation Team

Meet your Orientation Team (O-Team)! We are here to welcome you to Westmont College and answer any questions you may have as you make the transition to college life. Each new student will be part of a small group at Orientation led by an O-Team member.

orientation team

Your O-Team 2014:

angelaGreetings New Students! My name is Angela D'Amour and I serve as the Director of Campus Life where I oversee the Orientation program, among other responsibilities. I originally hail from Beverly, MA, however, Santa Barbara has begun to feel like home in the five years since I arrived. I spend my time outside of work building train tracks with my son, tickling my daughter, dreaming with my husband, and getting out for great trail runs. A highlight of my year is the day that you arrive on campus in August. You bring with you passion, potential and amazing possibilities. You are in for a fabulous adventure at Westmont and the Orientation Team and I can't wait to set you up for success.
andreaHello! My name is Andrea Sargent and I am going to be a senior next year. I am a Psychology major and Spanish minor (I just returned from a semester in Spain!). I grew up in Massachusetts and can dig out a car from the snow with mind blowing speed. I love going for walks on the beach early in the morning because I get the whole place to myself! I am currently one of the Orientation Interns and I cannot wait for you all to come!!!
marsMy name is Marshall Pingle. I just graduated from Westmont with a degree in English. I am staying in Santa Barbara even though I love my home in Palmer Lake, Colorado. Westmont is such a great place and Santa Barbara is such a paradise. I love spending my time hiking in the mountains, playing in the ocean, or swimming in the pool. If I am not at one of these places, I just might be eating…or working. Don’t be a stranger, I love to get to know people and I want your new year at Westmont to be great.
calebWhat's up boys and girls. My name is Caleb Batten. Sooooo some stuff about me. I am from San Diego, California. I am a sophomore at Westmont, and I am planning to major in Philosophy because I like it OK! I enjoy life with people. Having the mixture of Westmont students and Santa Barbara makes that easy. I also enjoy music, probably more than almost anything. So that's something. I like to explore. Whether that be on the coastline of SB or in the mountains or in the surrounding towns, I enjoy it. I only have one year of Santa Barbara discoveries under my belt, so let me know if you find something cool. Because cool things are good. I also play soccer. Yep. I am excited to see you all and get to know you. It will surely be a great year. To God be the glory, now and forever, amen.
devonHello Westmonters! My name is Devon and I am a sophomore, Kinesiology major from Huntington Beach, California. Some of my favorite things include Jesus, coffee, talking about Jesus over coffee, music, meeting new people, and spending just about every possible moment at the beach. My favorite thing about Wesmont is the fact that there are ALWAYS ways to get involved in things that you are passionate about. I am SO excited for you all to begin your college journey at Westmont. Be counting down the days until move in!

jacobWelcome to Westmont! My name is Jacob Gee. I’m a sophomore, and I’ve gotta tell you, my first year here was one of the best years of my life. I love Westmont! I’m from San Ramon, CA in the Bay Area (Go A’s)! I love to socialize and make new friends, so I’m so excited to meet all of you and learn how God is working in your lives! Feel free to introduce yourself to me, and I hope that your first year at Westmont will be as great as mine was!

kha-aiHi, everyone! Welcome to Westmont; we are SO excited that you guys are coming in the fall. My name is Kha-ai Nguyen, and I am a junior majoring in biology and business. I'm from Orange County about two and a half hours south of Santa Barbara, but I really consider Westmont my new home. I have learned so much here from the historical context of the book of Isaiah to how to make a pot of coffee. I've grown spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally, and my hope for each of you is that you experience a deeper and more holistic growth than you could have imagined in the short four years you have here. I'm so excited to meet all of you!

Hey there! My name’s Annmarie Rodriguez and I’m a junior at Westmont. I’m an English Major and Religious Studies Minor from Irvine, CA. I love being outdoors, reading and writing, going to the beach, dancing, listening to music both new and old, and I've also deeply enjoyed attending Westmont. Being able to walk mini hiking trails to class every day and run into countless amazing people in the DC have been such regular and beautiful blessings. I've gotten to know this community more this last year through Residence life. The sincere effort, time, and prayers that go into shaping this community into a home away from home have been incredible things to witness. I hope you all know how welcome you are here & I can’t wait to meet you in the fall!

patMy name is Patrick William Bower. I'm a native Californian (woohoo!), born and bred in Ventura, just down the coast, with my mom, my stepdad, my sister, and my grandparents. I'm now starting my junior year at Camp Westmont as a Kinesiology major, in hopes of becoming a physical therapist one day. Outside of work and school I enjoy camping, the great outdoors, anything where I can swim, ultimate frisbee, mountain biking and target shooting with my stepdad and my friends. I'm a die-hard Angels baseball fan, a cinema enthusiast, and man do I love 'Merica. In the past I've been involved with young life and baseball, though now I'm proud to welcome the newest Warriors to Westmont. I'm very approachable and enjoy meeting new people, so by all means, introduce yourself and let's make it a great year!

PaginaHello there and welcome to Westmont! My name is Paige Clenney and I am from Huntington Beach. I am a Religious Studies major and I am SO glad to have you here! I love reading, walking, learning, and Westmont! Westmont has taught me how to learn, lead, love, and live and SO CAN YOU! I look forward to seeing you, hearing your stories, and I anticipate a class of epic proportions!

libbyLibby Baker is a sophomore at Westmont College and is pursing a Liberal Studies degree in hopes to earn her elementary teaching credential. She is originally from Santa Barbara, but enjoys going to school in her home- town. Libby enjoys cooking, being crafty, and being active outside. She loves to sing and enjoyed participating in Woman’s Chorale her freshman year. Participating in Spring Sing, going on Section events with her dorm mates, and attending Westmont dances were just a few of her favorite memories of her freshman year at Westmont.


daniI’m Danielle Costa, a first generation college student from the Bay Area & am currently pursuing an intended major in Kinesiology as I start my second year here. Westmont was my top choice college & I’m so thankful that it has turned out to be exactly what I expected & so much more. At Westmont I’ve been apart of the Summer Scholars program, Urban Initiative’s Fall Break Away, Spring Sing, & Liberal Arts Ambassadors. This year I’m so excited to be a part of the orientation team & also the Urban Initiative Core team. I’m looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of you!

kevHey all, my name is Kevin Marr. I am a junior, majoring in Economic and Business, with a Religious Studies minor and I am from the wonderful land of Colorado. As a freshman I walked on to Westmont’s Track & Field team, and also enjoy hiking, rock climbing, and people. I am looking forward to getting to know all you in August and over the next couple years.

natHello! I’m Natalie, a sophomore kinesiology major/religious studies minor here at the Mont. I was born and raised in SoCal, was home schooled K-8th, and went to public high school. I love God, people, movies, music, science-y things, FOOD, and conversations about all of the above. I also love all things associated with the beach and the great outdoors and can’t wait to tell you corny jokes and brilliant puns. I spend my free time sleeping, reading, or eating, and I’m always up for football, volleyball, or Frisbee. I’m so stoked to serve you all in any way that I can!

ryanSah-wah-dee-khrap (hello), my name is Ryan Morgan, I am a pre-dentistry student with a Cellular and Molecular Bio major and a Chemistry minor. I am from Arroyo Grande which lies in San Luis Obispo county about an hour North of Santa Barbara. I enjoy watching non-horror movies, working out, line dancing, going on hikes, runs and swims while conversing with others. I am 21 and currently a senior. I love meeting new people and in fact I cannot wait to meet y'all and hear your stories. So, don't be shy, feel free to approach me when ever because I'd love to get to know you.

brynnHi there! I'm Brynn and I am a theater/business and economics major here at Westmont! I am a senior this year and could not be more excited to spend my last year getting to know all of you! I specialize in making a fool of myself, so if you're interested in a good laugh, come hang out with me. I'm a huge movie buff, and I love anything to do with the beach. I'm always in the mood for conversation about anything at all so come have a chat! Can't wait to meet you.

reedHey! I’m Reed James Peterson, a third year Kinesiology Major from good old Santa Barbara. I have a mother and a father, two younger brothers, and the coolest 11-year-old puppy named Ginger. I own a unicycle and chocolate flavored toothpaste. The human body fascinates me, making anatomy my favorite class here. I hope to eventually go to grad school for physical therapy! I pole vault on the Westmont Track & Field team and spend my time jamming to music, hiking, eating just for the heck of it, going to the beach and acquiring sunburns. I own a bad pun jar… they’re apparently “bad” and coffee makes me goofier than I already am. I love Westmont to death and have grown so much closer to God through it all. I hope that you all will end up loving it as much as I do!
jimHey everybody! My name is James Beeghly. I am a third-year kinesiology student from Bakersfield, California. I have a great family, which includes my parents, my three older brothers, and my two dogs. When I am home in Bakersfield, I spend my time painting rental houses for a property management company and catching up with old friends. When I am home in Santa Barbara, I spend my time competing on the Track and Field team in the pole vault and getting to the beach as much as possible. Oh yeah, and studying quite a lot as well. I can't wait to get to know you all this coming semester!