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Welcome from WCSA's 2015-2016 President

Dear New Student,


On behalf of the student body it is an honor for me to welcome you to Westmont! Our hope for you is that you find Westmont to be a place where you can flourish into who God is shaping you to be. While you are here take full advantage of all the opportunities that you have in front of you. I promise you that by doing so you will have a richer experience than you would otherwise.

I would like to give to you the 'keys to success' that I was given by my father before I left for Westmont. I believe that these pieces of advice are extremely valuable and apply to everyone. The first was toBe Open Minded. Allow yourself to hear and be challenged by what you may think to be the unconventional way of understanding Christianity, politics, social issues, and any other topic you can think of. It is in those challenging moments that we grow as individuals and as a community. The second was to Ask Questions. There are always things that we can understand better. Do not let an opportunity for clarity pass by; ask questions and dive into the subject. Third was to Seek Opportunity. There are endless opportunities at Westmont that I implore you to capitalize on. Go abroad on one of the many amazing abroad programs, volunteer in the community, go on Potter's Clay, and become friends with professors who truly want to see you succeed. Fourth is Do Your Best. Given all the opportunities that Westmont presents you, it is hard not to do your best. Fifth is to Have Fun, which is an easy thing to do when you live in Santa Barbara. Finally, and most importantly, is to Listen to God and let Him Lead You. It is rare that one finds a place in this world where you will have people encouraging you to follow the Lord, so do not take it for granted.

We are all so excited to have you here at Westmont and cannot wait to see you, meet you, and walk through Westmont with you.


Andy Grubbs

Student Body President
Political Science
Westmont College ‘16